Shonda Rhimes

United State of Women Summit, Dopest Day Ever #StateofWomen

Hey Cuties, When I say Tuesday, June 14th was the most epic ever that is barely scratching the surface on what I mean. I watched my first born receive certificates for his academic excellence, we received a parent award and my kid say good-bye to Elementary School. I was proud, I'm sure I walked around with my chest poked out a bit. After his ceremony I high tailed it to the city. I've spent the past eight years wanting to be in the presence of the POTUS and the FLOTUS. Every year I try to get into the Easter Egg Roll and every year I get rejected. I'm an avid Target shopper and so is the FLOTUS but I've yet to see her at her favorite Target. 

Shonda Rhimes + The cast of Scandal + MimiCuteLips + DC

Hey Cuties, I have been bubbling over with excitement since Thursday; it seems the Universe and I have gotten our two step in sync. There is no secret that #TGIT trends every Thursday night as the work of the extremely talented Shonda Rhimes takes over the ABC Network. #Goals 8PM: Grey's Anatomy 9PM: Scandal 10PM: How to get Away with Murder. This WOMAN, this BLACK WOMAN is ruling a major network in a major time slot and killing the ratings. Let that sink in for a moment. There is no doubt that girls can't run the world.