Have You Been To The Epic BASH Pop Up Shop?

Hey Cuties,

Last week I had the chance to jam on the mic again. This is so my thing I swear it is. The B.A.S.H. Pop Up Shop happens once a month during the summer and it is a FREE event. It is a Beauty, Art, Style, and Home type of deal.BASH Pop Up

This event is geared towards the ladies, but there is something for everyone.  All of the vendors fall in at least one of the catergories listed above.


The event took place at Studio 52 in Ivy City. For the DC locals, this is right by Dream/Love the club used to be on Okie Street.  I hadn’t been over here in many years. They’ve really changed up things around there.  The space itself is incredibly dope, it’s a venue that is expressly for rent.


Monica Byrd is the creator of this event, she has been going strong for years now.  These cute bags were for sale, if you were lucky enough to win a raffle then you got a bag for free.

Mobile Boutique @SimplyPrissyness

Simply Prissyness Mobile Boutique was so cute, a mobile boutique is a ladies dream.   What if this pulled up to your home every time you needed to get dressed for an event?

Mobile Boutique @SimplyPrissyness

She had really cute pieces, on each side of the inside is more clothes, accessories, dope tunes, a dressing room, and air conditioning.

Sew It’s My Party @sewitsmyparty

Sew It’s My Party Had a table with handmade goodies. I’m rocking one of her leather fringe neck collars in the picture above. She has some oversized clutches that I’m in love with. She also teaches sewing classes and does parties.

Jackie Beauty @JackieBeauty

Jackie Beauty is a beauty & skin care power brand. A brand that not only empowers but educates in all facets of skin care.

Mary Harris, The Polished Diva @polished_d

The Polished Diva specializes in creating ideal personalized “looks” for every client.  She’s an image consultant, personal shopper and fashion enthusiast.

I was the emcee for the Interactive Session “The Style Workshop” I welcomed our stylist (Mary Harris) and introduced the Style Session partners and apparel collection.

DJ Glam @djglam1

DJ Glam is the most fly, dopest DJ around. Her style was epic and she kept the party going. You see those lips? She is a kindred spirit already.

House of Mimi @houseofmimi

House of Mimi line is one of a unique class of adornments. From handmade pieces to unique vintage & fashionably limited finds. They articulate the essence of what fashion is; an eclectic combination of things tried before and things brand spanking new. I LOVE ANYTHING MIMI RELATED!

BASH Pop Up Shop
Love Our Styles @LoveOurStyles

Love Our Styles is a Nostalgic one stop Shop for Vintage and Modern Pre-Loved Apparel, Shoes, and Accessories.

BASH Pop Up Shop
Love Our Style @LoveOurStyle

Everything Love Our Style had was under $25, talk about bargain shopping.

BASH Pop Up Shop
I came, I saw, I emceed and I had a good time.

Thanks to The Style Medic for paparazzing me for this event.  I didn’t get a chance to snap pictures of all the vendors, but all of them had really dope products. I could have easily left my paycheck in there. From makeup to bath bombs to jewelry they had all areas covered.

BASH Pop Up Shop
Styling it up…

Our shades were so hot the owner and photographer of Studio 52 snapped our picture.

BASH Pop Up Shop

Have you experienced a pop-up shop? Chat with me in the comments below or FBIG, and Twitter.

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  1. Pop up shops are happening here in my country as well. Aside from clothes and accessories, restaurant pop ups are everywhere. I love your outfit, esp. the skirt!

  2. A very cool and creative idea. I have not heard of this let alone been to the pop-up shop but it sounds like something I would definitely enjoy.


  3. We’ve had a couple of pop-ups during downtown events (mind you my town is not huge lol), but the weather has not really cooperated enough for me to go to one. It looks like a lot of fun. I love your cute lips top. 🙂

  4. I’m dreaming of a mobile pop-up shop pulling up into my driveway every time I needed to get dressed up for an event. What a great event! I see so many items I’d love to have and I would love to browse through all the unique brands.

  5. Really??? You love anything Mimi related? I can’t believe it!!! 🙂 :-). Looks like a rollicking good time. I like some of the jewelry, but l love your new hairstyle and the outfit rocks! I do like pop up shops 🙂

  6. I am not a DC local, way out here in the midwest countryside. Looks like a fun place to find some great fashion pieces.

  7. This looks like a lot of fun!
    The mobile boutique is so unique I’ve never heard of anything like that before. Maybe one day when I’m in DC I’ll be able to attend!

  8. I swear you seem to go to the most interesting places! I would’ve loved to check out this place. I have a friend that everything here that you have pictured she would wear in a heartbeat and I’m pretty sure I would too.

  9. Sounds like an awesome event. That would have been dangerous for anyone’s wallet with all those cool vendors.

  10. Ooh. I heard about this place from my friend. I really wanted to go here. I’m sure there are a lot of great items to be found here.

  11. What a fun experience. I love the idea of pop up shops. It’s nice to be able to pick up a few pieces that everyone around you won’t be wearing.

  12. I like the concept of the mobile boutiques. These are really cute and dream of every lady. The clothes, accessories, dope tunes, a dressing room, and air conditioning – wow it looks awesome. It would be really amazing to visit and shop at such mobile boutiques. Hope I get to shop at one such mobile boutique one day!

  13. I can stay there for over an hour. Love vintage items! The mobile boutique is something that any fashionista would like to enter.

  14. First, I loooove your outfit! The event looks so fun…I’ve always wanted to check out a pop up shop.

  15. Ohhh, I have never experience this but I would love too! Looks like a very nice event and everything is all about fashion! Nice event.

  16. I love going to pop up shops especially for online stores. It gives you chance to see the product up close and get to know the person behind the brand.

  17. I saw some skirts and tops i liked. The pop up shop seems pretty cool, I’m glad a store with diverse and unique merchandise is in the area.

  18. Okay, I love everything about this pop-up shop. Especially the glam DJ with the lipstick lights. Oh, and I’ll need you to send me that skirt asap!

  19. Such cute items! I had a flashback when you said Dream nightclub… LOL Your shades are always so nice!

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