These blog post are about my adventures traveling to new or old places.

Blow Your Mind Fun At Cox Farms, VA

Hey Cuties, How is this fall weather treating you? Ours is a bit all over the place and wet. On Saturday, it dried up a bit for us to go to Cox Farms, in Centreville, VA. I took the ManChild to this farm when he was around 5/6 years old and loved it. It is massive and there is so much to do. This time we were 13 deep.  Five adults, and eight kids.

Behind The Scenes: St Jude Childrens Research Hospital

Hey Cuties, I finally get to share some of the details of my trip back to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. A lot has changed since my last visit in 2016, I was shocked. Yet happy to now that they are continuing to grow and that growth is thanks to you. I have remained active since my first visit, I told you I take this seriously. You can't be a change maker by sitting on your butt and doing nothing.

Sunflowers Are All The Rage Have You Seen Them?

Hey Cuties, The family and I went on an adventure Sunday afternoon to Ladybugs Alive. Spoiler alert, this trip involved no ladybugs. Ladybugs Alive it a Sunflower Field in Southern Maryland, more specifically Chaptico, MD.  Last year folks were posting all of these beautiful pictures of sunflowers and I had the jelly. During this time last year we had a heavy rain season, the one day we headed it out it began to pour so we turned back around. 

Six Flags Mardi Gras Festival Is The Best

Hey Cuties, We are full on spring breakin' around here. Babe and I took off a few days to have fun with the kid's staycation style.  Six Flags is open for Spring Break, so it was only right that we go have a bit of fun. Before we went they sent us fun Mardi Gras mask and beads; we didn't even have to flash anyone for them Aye!  The Mardi Gras Festival runs March 30th - April 8th, and kicks-off their 20th Anniversary Season.  Thanks for the complimentary experience Six Flags.

My Kid Forced Me To Conquer My Fear Of Ice Skating

Hey Cuties, Friday was a special day in the MimiCuteLips household. "My Girl", aka LittleCuteLips turned 6 years old. She had been counting down for a week and was super excited.  Although she is the baby of the family she is also the old lady of the family. She knows what she wants and she isn't afraid to tell you. Birthdays are a big deal to her, she believes they should all be a major over the top celebration. Oh, and she doesn't' really want me to plan them for her. She wants full creative control.