Do You Know the Secrets of Grand Central Terminal New York?

Hey Cuties,

I hope you are enjoying your three-day weekend. It has been unseasonably warm in the DC area, I’m talking 70 and it has been nice to enjoy the outside. After I’ve downed an allergy pill or two that is.  I hope you had a chance to enjoy the weather in your neck of the woods.  We had a full weekend.

Grand Central Terminal
Au natural

Every time I take a trip I explore someplace new, while in New York this time I explored Grand Central.  The correct name is Grand Central Terminal despite the fact, people still refer to it as Grand Central or Grand Central Station.

Grand Central Terminal
The Information Booth

Grand Central Terminal opened in February 1913; it occupies 49 acres (42nd Street – 97th Street) and that includes 33 miles of track.  It is the world’s largest train terminal with 45 track platforms and 63 tracks. During the height of the morning rush hour, trains platform there every 58 seconds.

Grand Central Terminal

 Grand Central Terminal is the home of the world’s largest Tiffany Clock, it is 13-feet in diameter.


Grand Central Terminal
Terminal Market – Desserts

I didn’t know the terminal had 35 dining options and 68 shops. My favorite of them all was Terminal Market. This market had everything, for a moment I forgot I was in the Terminal or in New York City.

Grand Central Terminal
Terminal Market – Spice Shop

If I were a bit more domestic I would have purchased all kind spices.  They smelled delicious.

Grand Central Terminal
Terminal Market – Flower Shop

You can get off the train, pick up some spices for dinner, desserts after dinner and flowers for your boo. Nothing but the best and the freshest flowers around.

Grand Terminal Market
Terminal Market – Fresh Baked Desserts

While you’re at it pick up fresh bread, desserts and more. I had an amazing apple pie that would make you smack your mother.

Grand Terminal Market
Terminal Market – Fresh Produce

Whatever you need they have, even the produce you’ve heard of but have never actually seen.

Grand Central Terminal
Terminal Market – Butcher

They had steak so big I don’t even know how you could eat it in one setting. I was able to take pie home, but it would have been nice to take one of these yummies home.

Grand Central Terminal
Mi & The Style Medic

We were full on tourist, in the midst of people hustling and bustling around town.  There is always time for a selfie.  We had a lot of fun in the market so we decided to poke in a store. I don’t even know the name of the store and we didn’t purchase anything but we had fun acting like children.

Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal is filled with regular stores but we go into those all the time. I live for a store filled with quirky things and this was that store. While I wouldn’t purchase these hilarious pencil pouches for the kids The Style Medic and I enjoyed some laughs.

Grand Central Terminal
Because sanitation

Some folks underestimate the power of hand washing and scurry about without cleansing their hands. This hand sanitizer is for you. I spend a large amount of time telling my kids to “stop touching stuff”.

Grand Central Terminal
Are you a writing utensil snob?

Because I have the humor and sass of a 16-year-old girl. This was so cute and funny to me.  This is a metaphor for life.

Grand Central Terminal
They cover all topics.

This book title will totally catch your eye, but did you notice the description? “Advice, Meditations, and wisdom for men who have too much” I bet you thought this book was about something else.  Now the book on the right is totally about what you thought. We cackled while flipping the pages.

Grand Central Terminal

We also had a good laugh at this one.

Grand Central Terminal
Structural beauty

There is still so much we didn’t get to take in. I will go back when I have more time and grab a meal and people watch a bit more. There is so much going on your head will stay on a swivel.

Grand Central Terminal

Have you ever been to Grand Central Terminal? Chat with me in the comment below or FB, IG or Twitter.


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  1. I love shopping inside of terminals while waiting for trains and planes. I think l would have bought one those hand sanitizer for sure just because.. Haha! :-). P.S Love those huge glasses up top!

  2. What a fun look at an old familiar place! I used to go through Grand Central for work back in my corporate NY days but it’s been so long. I would love to visit again and explore a bit tourist style. Thanks so much for the glance back …

  3. We go to NYC a lot, but we always drive. I have walked through here on cold days, but never really spent much time in there. I need to check it out more the next time we are in the city.

  4. Never been to Grand Central but I have heard great things about it. As a photographer I would love to go there just for the opportunity to shoot some of the amazing vistas!

  5. I’ve never been and I didn’t know they had all the wonderful markets. I’d totally visit the butcher, flower shop, dessert places and more.

  6. I have only been to NYC once. I definitely need to get back. I loved those pencil cases. Man it looks like there are some really good stuff there.

  7. I would have to visit this place more than once. I love shopping in places like this. There is one in PA too.

  8. I had no idea the correct term was Grand Central Terminal. I’ve been to NYC twice but have not had the change to visit this spot. I hope I can next time I’m there!

  9. This share was so cool. I am born and raised in NYC Brooklyn more specifically and I guess I take for granted all I have access to because I go in there and never pay much attention. Now I def have to go in and explore. Thank you ????

  10. I didn’t know there was so much stuff at Grand Central Terminal! I love the flower shop and I know I would enjoy eating those giant macarons.

  11. The last time I visited NYC was 11 years ago. I had no ideas that Grand Central Terminal had so many places to eat and shop. I am sure many things have changed over the years.

  12. I’ve been to New York twice, but I’ve never been here! I love all your photos of the little shops. The macarons look so tasty and I want that pencil case!

  13. Fun fun and more fun!! I love the pens bag too! I love that research new places! I’ve never been to grand central station, but you sure make me want to go soon.

  14. I love Grand Central Terminal, it’s one of my favorites places in NYC; the space is just so beautiful and I also love to just people watch and wonder where everyone is going to or coming from. I have eaten there before but have not taken the time to check out the market, will have to do that next time.

  15. I’ve only been to NYC a couple of times but Grand Central was a stop every time. It’s so cool there. The structure is big and as grand as it’s name. I love that whispering wall place. that’s amazing!! I loved the shops and the food and the people. I feel like I’m in the center of the universe when I’m there.

  16. Girl do you know I am originally from NYC and barely take advantage of hanging out there! Like I only been a handful of time I need to be a tourist more often and go exploring! I swear I didn’t know it had that many places inside of there.

  17. As many times as I have been to NYC I never knew grand central had shopping.. I’m actually planning to take my daughter for her bday so this is right on time

  18. I love New York so much. This post made me want to go back. I went to Brooklyn last year for AfroPunk, and then visited Manhattan.

    Now, I really want to visit NYC to see about this Grand Central Station.

    The trains in NY are very similar to the trains in Chicago (where I live) We don’t have anything like Grand Central Station though.

    1. I bet AfroPunk was incredible, I’ve seen pictures but I’ve never been.

      NY is one of my favorite cities, I go at least a couple times a year.

      We have Union Station here in DC but it isn’t as big as Grand Central or as historic.

  19. I love the flowers. I can’t wait to get my gardening started this year. Unfortunately, there’s still lots of snow on the ground.

    1. Garf, you must have a green thumb. My daughter is looking forward to growing her fruits and veggies.

      It has been unseasonably warm in the DC area, we haven’t even had any snow this winter.

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