Hey Girl, how you doin? My name is Charlie last name Wilson.

Happy Friday Cuties!

This has been a slow week on the blog. I’ve snapped out of my funk but I lost my writing mojo.  I’m on the train headed to NYC to enjoy some R&R.  Who am I kidding, I will be in the streets all hours or the night shopping and hanging with my Blogger Boo’s.  That is resting to me, I will eat my heart out and share all the fat snacks with you on the blog next week. To catch me in the moment make sure you follow me on Twitter & Instagram.

Last week Charlie Wilson hit the DMV to share his new book “I am Charlie Wilson”. He was just what my funky attitude needed. Now I will cut a rug to a Charlie Wilson tune and sing real loud and off key in my truck. But I didn’t know much about his back story. He was in a hit funk band and ended up addicted to alcohol and strung out on drugs. He hit rock bottom as a crack head and years later got clean and returned to topping the charts again. {He has been clean for 20 years.} That alone should make you want to pick up his new book. Nobody can tell your story like you and he gave it all up in this book.

Charlie Wilson book I Am Charlie Wilson

Hey Uncle Charlie!

No he isn’t my real Uncle but that is how most refer to him. For those reading that are like WTH is Uncle Charlie here is a quick rundown. He is a singer, song writer and producer. He has been nominated for a Grammy nine times.  He is the co-founder of the iconic funk group, The Gap Band. {You Dropped a Bomb on me, Outstanding} They were out in the 70’s & 80’s after the group he went solo.

Charlie Wilson book I Am Charlie Wilson3

Telling it!

For those in the cheap seats I’ve told you a little about how he got famous. I also gave you a couple of tidbits about his career. What I haven’t told you is just was how much he likes to talk with the people. He shared with us his truth. I don’t mean the sugar coated version that makes you think the celebrity life is all glitter and gold. NO! He shared the hard core I might be ashamed but I’m not because it can help someone truth. It was raw, it was honest but it was refreshing and most of all y’all it was so damn inspiring. To hear just how low this man has been to witnessing his comeback. It’s a reminder that no matter how down or bad our life can be you can always stage a come back.

Charlie Wilson book I Am Charlie Wilson4

I Am Charlie Wilson

Charlie Wilson book I Am Charlie Wilson 5

My Autographed copy.

Charlie Wilson book I Am Charlie Wilson9

After working such an amazing event I had to get a picture.

That MAC Ruby Woo on my lips with that Night moth liner is doing its thang.

Charlie Wilson book I Am Charlie Wilson 6

Mocha, The Oracle Group

Thanks to Mocha of The Oracle Group for another great event. I’ve done several book signing events with her and they are always a good time.

Here is a montage of videos from the event. I didn’t edit them and all of that they are raw but the message is clear!

Charlie Wilson

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  1. Olivia

    This is awesome! It’s always so great to hear about people that were down at one time but figured out a way to get back up! I agree with you it is incredibly inspiring, I’m glad that he was able to inspire you to get out of your funk! Sometimes, just seeing what someone else was able to do gives you the strength to do the same! We all get down sometimes, but we can all get up too!

  2. Stacie

    How fun was that! It’s amazing how he still has it! Most people his age have stopped performing long ago.

  3. Kita

    I haven’t heard but one song by him lol. I am old but still love my young music. I need to listen to him though heard he was the bomb.

  4. Nicole

    This is pretty cool! I love meet and greets. I’m a fan of self-help books, law of attraction etc. I’ve been reading books in the OG Mangino series right now.

  5. Aisha Johnson Adams

    I miss the DMV… Looks like a great time… I love his work. I can’t wait to hear how you like the book…

  6. Holly

    This sounded fun. He’s still doing his thing.

  7. Joanna

    Lawd I’m so embarrassed I don’t know who this singer is, but your post has me checking for the ebook. Good seeing you at the BLM meetup.

  8. lisa @bitesforbabies

    I’ve always wanted to go to a book signing event…but there has never been anyone interesting enough visit where I live, lol!

  9. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Thank you for sharing Charlie Wilson’s story. It is really uplifting to read success stories, which just goes to show that we should never lose hope.

  10. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    At first I didn’t recognize the name, but once you said who he was, I knew the songs from the Gap Band. How cool that you got to meet him.

    • MimiCuteLips

      Yes Robin, he is more my Mother’s generation. I’m such a fan of old music and now his career spans her generation and mine.

  11. MJ

    Girl don’t get me started on my love for Incle Charlieeeeeee! Talk about old school soul. That’s real singing and music right there. It is a blessing to see him as he is now knowing what he has survived. I’m definitely buying this book.

  12. Joanne T Ferguson

    What a great meet and greet event that you invited me, as a reader to participate in too! I always enjoy reading self-help books and it is always interesting meeting the authors and hearing their stories! As everyone is just trying to get through this life as best they can! Some master it and some struggle along the way!

  13. Jeannette

    I remember some of his songs! How cool that you got to meet him in person! His book sounds like a great read!

  14. Christy Maurer

    It is so sad that so many musicians go through the drugs and alcohol addiction. I am so glad he got clean and is doing so well. A lot of them don’t get that chance! I do know a few of his songs 🙂 This is so cool that you got to see him.

  15. Kiwi

    How awesome you got to meet Mr.Charlie Wilson?!! I love him he is one of the few artist that grows with the generations!! I saw him in concert at Essence and I loved it performed better than artist half his age!!! Go girl!

  16. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    This sounds like it was an amazing meet and great. I always love hearing that a celebrity is keeping it honest and telling it straight.

  17. Diana Villa

    That book sounds very interesting, I have to check it out. Thanks for the great post! 🙂

  18. ricci

    I love that song!! LOL!! I didn’t know his back story and I think he’s just awesome!!

  19. Melissa Pezza

    What a wonderful experience! I love how he doesn’t try to paint a better picture of his past. Honesty is always appreciated!

  20. Carmen Perez (listen2mama)

    How great that you got to meet him. I always enjoy book signings and meet & greets too!

  21. Grace Hodgin

    I think we all loose our’ writing mojo’ every now and then but glad to hear you found this book so inspirational and can recommend it for reading. I think most people do focus on the glitz and glamour of fame and forget that everyone has their demons to fight. I think I would enjoy reading this book too. I love it when people come back and take their power back.

  22. Colette - JamericanSpice

    On my reading list right now is the bible and I am Malala.

    This is a very good introduction of Charlie. I didn’t know him before.
    I’d love to hear a bit of his music! Maybe I’ll recognise the music.

    Glad you had a fun time!

  23. Chubskulit Rose

    That’s very inspiring that he turned his life around and now sharing his experience through the book.

  24. Amanda

    I always love to read autobiographies because I feel like people can tell and teach us so much through their stories. And I totally love the Gap band.

  25. Michelle de Guzman

    Girl you ROCk that MAC lipstick. I am so glad you said its color cause I was wondering. Now Back to Charlie. I was a huge fan of the Gap band…shows how old i am. And I ma really please to hear that he got his life turned around and is back to making hits. Thanks for sharing.

  26. April @ Everyday Fitness and Nutrition

    Sounds like an interesting story, especially if it’s that raw. Too many autobiographies make things seem too perfect.

  27. Alli S.

    This is truly inspirational. I haven’t heard the most but I think this would be a good read!

  28. Ourfamilyworld

    That looks like a fun event. He is an inspiration. I love reading books about people who had it all and went down at one time, but was able to get back up again.

  29. NIckida

    I love Charlie Wilson. He’s from my husband’s hometown. So he’s a big fan as well.

  30. Tyra

    Uncle Charlie! The funk legend brought you out of your funk…classic. Did he give a little performance? Glad the event was able to lift your spirits!

  31. Cia |

    I don’t currently have any books on my radar. The photos you took look awesome and I’m sure his book is as well. I definitely need to check it out.

  32. Mistee Dawn

    Sounds like a really interesting read. I will definitely put this book on my summer reading list. Looks like a fun event!

  33. Uplifting Families

    This sounds like an interesting read. I love reading stories about people who have turned their lives around for the better. Thank you for sharing his book.

  34. Lisa

    Autobiographies are always so interesting to read! It’s good to hear about someone who has turned their life around for the better. I will have to check out the book.

  35. Dawn McAlexander

    I do remember You Dropped A Bomb On Me. I hadn’t heard of Charlie Wilson personally, but I do remember The Gap Band. I bet the book is an interesting read. I love to read autobiographies. I would probably enjoy this one.

  36. Ron

    Truly an awesome event. by the looks of it, this is one great book signing event!

  37. Michelle @ Dishes and Dust Bunnies

    It sounds like you had a really good time at the book signing and it’s really neat that you got to meet him in person! It would be so neat little book signing like this.

  38. Lynndee

    I’ve never heard of him nor heard of the Gap band. Bet the husband knew him. Anyway, I have nothing on my reading list. Life has just been hectic and I don’t have time to read anymore like I used to.

  39. Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

    I was just watching the story about the book on an entertainment talk show last week, glad you got to meet him and get the book signed, now I’m going to be humming ‘you dropped a bomb on me, baby’ all day! Thanks! LOL 🙂

    He definitely sounded like he was keeping it real in the book, he sure did in the interview. I like and respect #realtalk all day everyday!

  40. Ann Bacciaglia

    I have been reading a lot of Steven King lately. I was also in NY this week and i had a blast. I hope you had a great time.

    • MimiCuteLips

      I’m a big chicken so I don’t read Steve King books but I know they are really popular. Glad NY was a good time for you.

  41. Laura

    Charlie has some great music and a great attitude. He is a positive one to meet!

  42. Jeanine

    Wow sounds like a great meet and greet! I haven’t heard of Charlie Wilson before this post, I’m off to google and see what I’m missing! How fun.

  43. desirae young

    Looks like you had a fabulous time at the book signing! I love to read a good biography book 🙂

  44. Erin

    What an awesome event and an even more awesome book! Thanks so much for sharing, I can’t wait to read it!

  45. Bonnie @ wemake7

    Wow. Looks like you had a very fun time. I’ve never been to a book signing before, I should go someday.

  46. Jessica Simms

    It looks like you had a really great time, I would like to attend the next event once I find out when and where.

  47. Rosey

    I’ve never been to a book signing. They do sound like they are a good time!

  48. Krystal

    I knew about Charlie Wilson, but I didn’t know his whole story. Looks a great book to check out!

  49. Racquel

    This looks like a great read but the experience of the book signing and chatting with him sounds wonderful and you look fab!

  50. Kelly Hutchinson

    Wow! What an honor it must have been to meet the great Charlie Wilson. So jealous!

  51. Racquel

    Looks like a good time. I’ve never done a book signing (or met a famous person, for that matter). Good to see his talent wasn’t wasted in a haze of addiction like so many are.

  52. Chasing Joy

    Very cool thst you got to meet him. His story sounds interesting. I did not know about yhe drug problem.

  53. Nicole (Nicole's Lifestyle Lounge)

    Thanks for sharing. It is always great to hear about the struggle so you can appreciate the success.

  54. Christine @MomsNCharge

    Love, love, love!!! Thank you for this recap cause I was really sad that I missed out. Great pics and I can’t wait to read his story.

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