United State of Women Summit, Dopest Day Ever #StateofWomen

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When I say Tuesday, June 14th was the most epic ever that is barely scratching the surface on what I mean. I watched my first born receive certificates for his academic excellence, we received a parent award and my kid say good-bye to Elementary School. I was proud, I’m sure I walked around with my chest poked out a bit. After his ceremony I high tailed it to the city. I’ve spent the past eight years wanting to be in the presence of the POTUS and the FLOTUS. Every year I try to get into the Easter Egg Roll and every year I get rejected. I’m an avid Target shopper and so is the FLOTUS but I’ve yet to see her at her favorite Target. 

United State of Women 16

Badged Up

I sat in a room with 5,000 people and listened to the President of the United States, Barack Obama, First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, Queen of TV, Oprah Winfrey, legendary tennis player Billie Jean King, #1 Feminist Gloria Steinem and many more.  They were breathing in the same air as I was within the same space.

*pause for reaction*

Let me take a couple of deep breaths and start from the beginning. Women from all around the world gathered at the Walter E. Convention Center in Washington, D.C. for the first-ever White House Summit on the United State of Women. This was a chance to celebrate our victories such as outlawing health insurance discrimination against women, to paid family leave and affordable childcare to raising the minimum wage to making sure every girl has the chance to go to school. While those are great strides we still have a long way to go.

State of Women 1

L to R: Joyce Adolwa, Sarita Gupta, Angela Glover Blackwell, Michele Norris, Megan Smith, Michele Sullivan & Wanda Durant

Obviously I missed the morning sessions because parenting but I arrived at noon just in time to sit in on Breaking the Cycle of Poverty: Economic Empowerment for Women and Families. It was a great discussion about various programs that can help women. The greatest issues women in poverty are facing and a personal story of how Wanda Durant overcame poverty. It was both sad and inspiring, sad that this is going on and inspiring because people are rolling up their sleeves to help.

The Panelist:

Joyce Adolwa, Senior Director, CARE USA.  Sarita Gupta, Executive Director, Jobs with Justice.  Angela Glover Blackwell, President and CEO, PolicyLink.  Michele L. Norris, Founding Director, the Race Card Project and she was the first African-American female host for NPR.  Megan Smith, United States Chief Technology Officer (CTO), the White House. Michele Sullivan, President, Caterpillar Foundation. Wanda Durant, inspirational speaker and mother of NBA Star Kevin Durant. Lifetime and Queen Latifah’s Flavor Unit created a movie titled The Real MVP: The Wanda Durant Story; it aired Mother’s Day weekend.  She is a proudly from Prince George’s County, MD.

United State of Women 19

Michele Norris & I

Her gorgeous daughter snapped this picture of us.

United State of Women 21

Because Cute!

I don’t believe in flat dress shoes. If I’m going to be flat to the ground, I should be in Chuck Taylor’s. This is a rare occasion, I had to dig deep in my closet to find them. That wall I’m standing in-front of is made of tiny pictures.

United State of Women 20

Founder of Black Girls Rock Beverly Bond & I

I ran into Beverly while walking the exhibit hall. I had met her a few months back at Macy’s Black History Event. We walked and chatted hand and hand, it was really cute. We shared a couple of laughs and then I noticed MC Lyte.

United State of Women 17

Beverly Bond & MC Lyte

MC Lyte is a legit mentor in my head, for those of you in the cheap seats she is the first solo female rapper to release a full album back in the 80’s. She is from New York and she blew up during the time I also lived in New York. It was HUGE!!!! She has always been about the women’s movement and I love that. I was so into capturing their moment I didn’t even create one for myself.

State of Women 2

Warren Buffett interviewed by Dina Habib Powell

So then this happened, Warren Buffett, the most successful investor in the world {net worth 66.3 billion} and philanthropist.  He was enjoyable and bit funny. “When asked why he considers himself “bullish” on women’s issues, he said he sees female involvement in the economy as key to the country’s prosperity. Without financially empowering women America would be “playing with one hand tied behind its back.”  This was a Conversation on Investing in Women with Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women and 10,000 Small Businesses Graduates.

State of Women 3

U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi & Women members of Congress

Nancy Pelosi, House Democratic Leader.  “It’s been 100 years since the first woman was elected to Congress – four years before women had the right to vote in America, a woman was elected to Congress.  Today, there are 108 women members – the most in the history of our Democracy.  But of course, we want more!” Click HERE to read her speech.

State of Women 5

Mikaila Ulmer, Founder & CEO, Me and the Bees Lemonade

I am such a fan of Mikaila, since I heard about her business. At the time she was only nine years old but I wanted to support her. I purchased a case of her lemonade and shared this picture on social media two years ago.  Mikaila Ulmer is such an inspiring entrepreneur of “Me and the Bees Lemonade” {formerly Bee Sweet}.  Earlier this year she appeared on the television series “Shark Tank,” and totally got a deal with Whole Foods. She gave the President a very gracious introduction.

When I say the room erupted in cheers, it was so freaking loud you couldn’t hear your own thoughts. This man’s energy and presence is so freaking electric I won’t ever forget that moment. The feeling, the energy the sheer elation. Like him or not you will respect him, PERIOD POINT BLANK! I’ve waited 8 years for this moment, now I wanted it to happen at the White House but I’ve not made it their yet. But, I made it here! I WAS HERE, in the same room with the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, sharing the same air.






State of Women 6

President of the United States, Barack H. Obama

POTUS had all kinds of amazing things to say, instead of trying to capture them in text I included the video below.

This is from the White House FB page.

State of Women 4

L to R: Luvvie, Gloria Steinem, Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, Shonda Rhimes, Judith Williams, Sana Amanat, Robert Liodice & Glen Mazzara,

I was all kinds of excited about this panel. It was titled “Reel Change: Advancing Equity and Opportunity in Media” and it featured some of the dopest people in the industry. My favorite blogger Luvvie Ajayi (Awesomely Luvvie) ran the show. The list of rock stars includes: #1 Feminist Gloria Steinem, Amani Al-Khatahtbeh (, Queen of Thursday Night Shonda Rhimes, Judith Williams (DropBox), Sana Amanat (Marvel) and Glen Mazzara (Writers Guild of America). I told you they covered all the industry areas. Click HERE to listen to the discussion.

The conversations were good, it was productive, it addressed the areas that still need improvement but great to know that they are doing their part to make a change. If you want to do your part DO NOT SUPPORT THINGS YOU DON’T LIKE. TALK WITH YOUR MONEY. The industry makes what people will watch and support. If you aren’t watching and buying they will stop making it. Just as simple as that. You have power, collectively we have even more power, use your power responsibly. If you don’t like it stop sharing it on FB and other social media only increasing the views.

State of Women 8

Gloria Steinem & Amani Al-Khatahtbeh

Amani is a young 24-year-old lady but she is killing the game. She is blazing a path for the Muslim community. She is shedding light, changing views and doing so apologetically. YES, GIRL!

State of Women 13

First Lady, Michelle Obama & Oprah

There were three people that I wanted to see the MOST and these two ladies were two out of the three. I love everything about them, they own who they are, they give back, they reach back and help others. As amazing as they are and all that they’ve accomplished they are still striving to do more. I felt like I was in their sitting in on their regular girl chat. It was that comfortable and relaxed.

Catch all this good girl chat right here!
 One of the things the FLOTUS is looking forward to after the presidency is simply going to Target. As she and Oprah girl chatted it up they dropped a lot of jewels that I happily picked up. At one point the FLOTUS said that if you don’t prioritize your time people will gobble up your time. I’m sure even the average person understands what she means. If you don’t teach people how to treat you, they will treat you any kind of way. That takes me to another point she made, to know your value. I’ve grown to know my value but I must admit, it took me years and I’ve still not perfected it. I am working on it though. Another great tip was to surround yourself with goodness, with people who uplift you and hold you up. My mom always told me “association brings on assimilation” I hated it as a kid but boy was she right.

The blogger in me loves the fact that FLOTUS said success and good work is the best revenge; there is no need to acknowledge the haters. AMEN! I get so tired of people making FB declarations and such about their haters. Shut up already! Another jewel that I’ve always treasured is authenticity. The First lady said people can smell in-authenticity; people know when you are not what you appear to be. Enough said!

In closing Oprah said to the First Lady “You make me proud to spell my name W-O-M-A-N.” Oprah was channeling the words of the late Maya Angelou.

State of Women 15

Billie Jean King, Amani Al-Khatahtbeh & Shonda Rhimes

Legendary tennis player Billie Jean King took the stage. I must admit I didn’t know much about her so here is a tidbit; she is the former No. 1 professional tennis player in the world; she has won 39 Grand Slams. Amani moderated the chat with Billie and Shonda. This makes the second time I’ve seen Shonda; she is still magical. The first time was when she and the cast of Scandal came to DC.

State of Women 14

Actress, Amy Poehler

I was really excited to see Amy as well. Her movie Baby Mama with Tina Fey is one of my favorite movies of all times. No seriously, I’m sure I quote that movie in everyday life more than any other movie. If you don’t know her then I’m sorry; she was on/in SNL, Parks & Rec, Sisters, Anchor Man 2 and a bunch of other things. She also voiced a character on Inside Out & both of the Alvin & The Chipmunks movies. She is amazing, she also has her own non-profit titled Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls.

The day was amazing, so much so that I couldn’t share everything. It is a day that I will never, ever forget. I’m so proud and honored to have my face in the place. Shout out to my BFF C. L Rice; she is the real MVP.


United State of Women, Dopest Day Ever #StateofWomen

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    Glad you had the opportunity to attend. It looks like you had a wonderful time!

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    This really looks like such a fabulous event. It must have been amazing to be there and listen to these influential women discuss current events. It’s so important to stay informed on the current topics of the day!

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    Oh wow, that sounds like an AH-MAZING experience! I hope they have this again next year so I can go!

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    It’s awesome that you were able to hear from all of these women. This sounded like and incredible time!

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    WOW it looks like there were a lot of big players there! That would have been a great event to go to! I bet you learn a lot!

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    It sounds like you had an amazingly inspiring experience indeed at this wonderful event. There was so many women that are such fantastic role models for us all. Thanks for sharing this amazing powerful event for so many women.

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    I got chills jut reading about this. It must have been one heck of a gathering. First, congratulations on your baby’s accomplishment. I can totally see you with your chest out just a bit.. 🙂 . My goodness, that little kid has a deal with Whole Foods? A budding Oprah she is! Never heard of Baba Mama, will have to search for it. Glad you had a dope day..

    • MimiCuteLips

      I was on a crazy high all day. Right, she is on trend to be bigger than Oprah. So dope!

      Girl Baby Mama is freaking hilarious.

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    I SO wish I was there! Just hearing about who the speakers were had my jaw dropping!!!!! I’m going to scroll back up to watch all of the videos now…thank you for sharing!

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    This looks like a day to remember for sure! I would love to hear all of those inspiring people speak and share the same air for an afternoon. Congrats on the experience!

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    Awesome! It would have been such a treat to be in the room with all these powerful women! I missed it, but I should see what I can find from it online.

  18. Kirstin N. Fuller (@thetravelindiva)

    Mad that I didn’t hear about this event! Happy that you had a fabulous day. Yes, MCLyte is a fabulous mentor.

    • MimiCuteLips

      I am subscribed to POTUS email distribution list. That is how I found out about the event. MCLyte would be the ideal mentor for me, I want to do voice work so bad. I hope to see her at Essence.

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    Love your outfit and Beverly Bond’s glasses. OMG you met MC LYTE!!! I’m so jealous. This looked and sounded like an amazing event with a room full of wonderful women.

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    How awesome it is to experience things like this! I need to find you so you don’t leave me out the next time! Lol GREAT recap of the event!!!

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    Looks very informative and a great time. I saw that a good amount of people went. Very cool to see different perspectives.

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    To be a fly on the wall. This looked like an awesome event. Glad you were able to make it and share your experience with us.

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    What an great recap. I watched quite a bit online and can only imagine the amazing time you had! Thanks for sharing!


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