Captain Marvel Advance Screening Passes – DC

Hey Cuties, On the heels or staying up late last night watching the Oscars I even more excited to share this movie you. Are you a Marvel fan like The Man-child? Do you get caught up in the DC vs. Marvel comics? I do not, but I know folks are loyal and they like what they like. If you are down with the Marvel set then you want to keep reading for sure.

PVA Code Of Honor Quad Rugby Tournament Is One Of The Best Things I’ve Ever Seen

Hey Cuties, Last weekend the family and I set out to watch a Rugby match.  The day prior Babe and I were watching our local news channel and they featured the Paralyzed Veterans of America who were tearing up the court and crashing into one another at full speed. We've never seen a Rugby game in person, and this was next level. During the news segment, they mentioned that they were in town for the weekend and it was free. So we went, it shocking, it was high impact, it was filled with energy and we were yelling like it was a football game. We were greatly entertained and inspired.

Behind The Scenes Of The Green Book Guide To Freedom

Hey Cuties, Last week I had the honor of attending the screening of The Green Book Guide to Freedom at the Blacksonian [National Museum of African American History & Culture]. I legit thought this was a screening for the movie Green Book. I clearly failed to read the invite for understanding, but what I got was even better. However now having the history and back story of The Green Book Guide to Freedom I really want to see the movie Green Book.