These blog post are about events I’ve attended in various cities and states. They can be community based events to very high profile events such as Essence Festival, The White House, Fashion Week and more. MimiCuteLips is active in her community and will travel for a greater experience. Some events may also include media trips.

Race Red Carpet, Screening with Actor Stephan James

Hey Cuties, Did you watch the dry Superbowl 50? Were you mad that Cam didn't win? Did you think it was rigged for Petyon? Are you like I don't even know who those people are because Beyonce showed up and showed out? I loved the Bruno & Beyonce battle dance. Beyonce broke the internet this Saturday when she released her new song/video of Formation. If that wasn't enough she performed during the Half Time show and announced her Formation tour at the same dam time. Her marketing skills are on 1,000.

Nori Turns 4 : Minnie Mouse Party Style

Hey Cuties,

We are back at the half way point of the week. Did you knock some things of your to do list? Do you have any plans for the three day weekend? Are you volunteering for the day on not a day off for MLK Day? Are you clubbing? Staying inside to fight with the kids since school is closed? What is on the agenda? Yesterday was Nori day, my girl finally turned 4; she has been waiting for a long time. Especially when you don't have a true concept of dates and time. It was a Minnie Annie type of day that went a little something like this...

Kicking … and taking names. Hello 2016

Happy Hump Day!  My schedule says we are back at work, but my body hasn't gotten the memo yet.  I shared my year in review with you and the reception made me feel like a rock star.  Now I want to share my 2016 with you. Buckle up, you know for safety, don't touch the radio but by all means do enjoy these jams. It's a new year but I'm the same Cutie, just turning up on these dreams.  I'm sharing them with you because you're my cuties; and you will keep me accountable.

Happy New Year : MimiCutelips 2015 Year in Review

Hey Cuties,

We are down to the last day of 2015, Happy New Year! I appreciate you for rocking with me. I hope I've shared something that connected with you one way or another.  I read all your comments and I try to reply to each of them. I don't take your time for granted, you could be anywhere in the world but I appreciate that you come here to chat with me. This year has been major in a rather low key kind of way. Sometimes it takes some reflecting to realize just how far you've come. That applies across the board in life, when we are in the thick of things it's hard to realize the how far we've come. 2015 was a year of preparation for me and let me tell you MIMICUTELIPS IS READY HONEY!

Moguls in Media Celebrity Night Out {Event Alert}

Hey Cuties,

We are officially in the home stretch for Christmas and New Year's. I've been reflecting on my year, this includes the hails and fails.  I'm also working on my schedule and goals  for 2016. I have a burning dream that I'm determined to make happen in 2016. MY CAREER DREAM IS GOING TO COME TRUE IN 2016. I have finally learned the power of networking and I've become pretty good with it. In order to grow you must connect with others.

Macy’s Holiday Window Unveiling, DC

Hey Cuties,

The weekend is upon us; I imagine you are gearing up for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Have you planned out your menu? If you aren’t cooking have you decided on your travel arrangements? The kids only have school two days next week. That in and of itself means I need to prepare my nerves.  All this extended parent and kid time can be exhausting for all of us. To kick off the holiday season we hung out with the folks at Macy’s last weekend.

YouTube Creator Day D.C.

Hey Cuties,

How was the weekend? Mine was pretty good, we spent Saturday getting in the holiday mood with Macy's. Sunday I spent the day shopping for my kids that won't stop growing. No seriously, my son turns 11 tomorrow and he just isn't my little boy anymore.  The girl child is supposed to be three but she is more like sixty-three.