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Do you know what to get your man for Valentine’s Day?

Hello, February! We wrapped up the first month of the year, how has it been for you?  It has been busy for us.  LittleCuteLips turned five, and I'm excited about a year of first for her.  I've had some business wins that will manifest this month.  You know I will share them with you.  Two people in my life gained their angel wings, and Babe and I have been working on getting that"old thang back". We've been together for 13 years now and if we want forever then we have to work to make it happen.

Event Alert: Have You Ever Been to Jazz in the Gardens?

Hey Cuties, We are still knee deep in winter but I am thinking warm thoughts like sun in my face, movement in my waist and my toes in the sand. I am thinking of Miami which I affectionately call the 305 — a short flight to one of my favorite places. This time I have a bit more motivation to get there. I love to eat, but I also love to dance like nobody is watching.  Who am I kidding; watch and enjoy the show, the Jazz in the Gardens to be exact.

Did you know andy shallal created the peace ball?

Hey Cuties, It is freezing cold here in the DC area; I'm talking 19 degrees cold. I bundled up and braved the cold so I could go out and meet an incredible guy. His name is Anas "Andy" Shallal; he is an artist, activist, local philanthropist, and entrepreneur.  He is famously known in the Washington, DC area as the owner of Busboys and Poets. He is an Iraqi-American that has lived in the Washington, DC area for over 50 years. He and his establishment have become true pillars of the community.

2016 Was So Epic This Is How I Wrap It Up With A Bow

Hey Cuties, New Year's Eve is in three days and I am excited about rolling over into a new calendar year.  2016 has been incredible for me.  I experienced a lot of first and checked off several bucket list items. Some things I didn't even have on my bucket list but were more than bucket list worthy.  Thank you for joining me on this epic journey of "action".

Did you know National Ugly Sweater Day was a thing? #NationalUglySweaterDay

Hey Cuties, Friday was a big day for me and I was looking forward to it. I was on Good Morning Washington, News Ch. 8 & ABC 7 for National Ugly Sweater Day. My recent blog post on the DIY Ugly Sweaters for LittleCuteLips and I were right on time.  National Ugly Sweater Day is the third Friday of December, this year that was Friday, December 16th, so happy belated #NationalUglySweaterDay

When you try to remain professional while Denzel Washington interviews you

Hey Cuties, Last week was so epic that I had to make sure I took it all in. Don't get me wrong. Going to the White House last month was epic, but this one was monumental and I did not see it coming. While covering the Fences movie red carpet, I interviewed Denzel Washington. {Pause for reaction} I legitimately met him and his beautiful wife face to face.

Do You Know the Truth About sickle cell?

Hey Cuties, Your trustee St. Jude Cutie, is back giving you some knowledge.  We are 17 days from Thanksgiving, I'm just saying.  St. Jude is amazing and I've told you that a million times, but this one served my personal interest. Over the years I've heard about sickle cell disease, but I always heard people say it is a black person's disease. The lie detector has determined that is a lie. You can be any race or ethnicity and get sickle cell the disease and or the trait. Did you read that for understanding?

Thrills by Day and Fright by Night #FrightFest

Hey Cuties, We are about two weeks out from Halloween. I've not even started on my daughter's costume yet. #Fail My son is at the age where a costume is no longer a thing. I'm okay with that. Although he isn't dressing up in costumes he still enjoys the thrill of Halloween. Our favorite friends over at Six Flags invited us for a complimentary day of Halloween fun at Fright Fest last weekend. Thrills by Day was all about kid-friendly fun and at six in the evening, things got freaky. By freaky, I mean Fright by Night took over and I was afraid. Full Disclosure: I don't like to be scared, my kids already know don't jump out on me. I'm not responsible for my reaction.

WOE Magazine Launch Recap

Hey Cuties, On Monday I mentioned my full weekend and attending the WOE Magazine Launch event. Here we go... WOE stands for Women of Excellence, well I'll drink to that. I won't go into details as to why I'm a woman of excellence just know that I am and you are too. I love attending events but knowing what to wear is always the hardest part for me. I'm an emotional dresser, is that a thing? I dress according to my current feeling, a feeling I was to embody or a feeling I want to give off. On this day I wanted to go for a comfy cube vibe. When you attend events as media you do more standing and moving around instead of sitting and being cute. Always cute though...