Chrisette Michele Pose ‘N Post Event {DC} & Interview

Hey Cuties,

The Pose ‘N Post Symposium finally arrived in my city and I was worried about what I was going to wear. The weather was funky and rainy and not exactly warm so bare legs and toes were a no. I ended up with something comfy cute and my feet weren’t hurting.

Washington, DC was the fourth stop on their eight city tour. The event took place at the Hillyer Art Gallery, it is a unique contemporary art venue in Dupont Circle.  If you aren’t familiar with the Pose ‘N Post Symposium click HERE to catch up.

Pose ‘N Post is all about social media, sharing, asking, telling and just good girl chat. With that in mind Chrisette and I sat down for a little girl chat before the event kicked off.  I interviewed her last summer when she was launching Rich Hipster so I wanted to know what she’s been up to since then.

Chrisette Michele Interview 13

We are totally BFFs

 Q: You’ve had Rich Hipster for a while now did it turn out to be what you wanted? Did it turn out to be bigger than you imagined?

A: It’s way freaking bigger, it’s crazy. I didn’t know I would also start record label called Rich Hipster.  All of this just happened; my brother, Ashley and I are my first; so it’s been incredible.

SN: I’ve been wanting a nose ring for a long time but I haven’t done it yet. I watched Chrisette get hers pierced on YouTube, she made it look easy.

Q: Did it hurt when you got your nose pierced?

A: I meditated through the moment, I meditate through tattoos and all of that. I guess so, I’m going to go with yeah. It felt like you got punched in the nose real fast then done. (She reenacted it, it was hilarious. We both cracked up laughing.)

Q: Between the music and now Rich Hipster and R&B Divas, LA what has been the most rewarding for you?

A: This, Pose ‘N Post has been the most rewarding. I’ve gotten to hire and have sponsorships by and from black owned businesses like Charm Décor.  A business right here in DC, that makes its own baked goods and cupcakes. Then they come out and present with excellence. Showtime Events put together all the seating and lighting here tonight. We’ve gotten to rent out black owned art galleries and photo studios in several cities. Then we come together and there is black media and we support each other and we’re excited about each other. It’s a big deal to me, it means a lot to me.

The evening officially kicked off with a cocktail hour. Wine & Sweets. Treats were by Charm Décor

Chrisette Michele Interview 2

Chocolate dipped & drizzled pretzels & chocolate chip cookie sandwiches.

Chrisette Michele Interview 3

All the of the treats were good and we tried our best to taste them all.

Chrisette Michele Interview 4

They gave us a variety of goodies.

Chrisette Michele Interview 1.

These little delights melted in my mouth.

Chrisette Rich Hipster

The branding was on point.

chrisette michele pose 'n post

Cocktails by VOGA Italia

chrisette michele pose 'n post

Chrisette was there even when she wasn’t.

chrisette michele pose 'n post

I love the simplicity of the decor.

chrisette michele pose 'n post

Chrisette got the party started with a song while 19 year old @Simonesbluejayy played the guitar. I posted a clip on IG

chrisette michele pose 'n post

Panelst: @lover4_fashion – Fashionista| @brosiaaa – Minimalist | @courtneyadeleye – Owner, The Mane Choice & @chrisettemichele

Chrisette welcomed each panelist and gave a little introduction. After that they turned things over to the audience.  They wanted you to get a chance to ask your burning questions; and they were honest and real.  Although they’ve become successful they started from the bottom just like everyone else. They didn’t tell you what you wanted to hear they told you what you needed to hear. They stressed doing something you love, if you only have one solid item put that item out there. You don’t need an entire collection or portfolio to get started.

People asked questions like How did you grow your audience? When did you know you wanted to turn your hobby into a business?  How do you decide which social media platform is best for you? How do you deal with negative people? BLOCK DELETE is what they said in unison. Do you use all the social media platforms? How do you keep up with the latest platforms? Do you change what you share from one social media platform to another?

chrisette michele pose 'n post

The event closed out with a big thank you, a picture and a goodie bag.

 Top: H&M | Pants: Victoria Secret | Shoes: Bakers  | Necklace: H&M

Pose 'N Post

They had a couple of ice breakers at the event that I absolutely adored. You had to make a new friend, get their info, take a selfie, create a hashtag that fits both of you then post it. NapturalNicole and I became new friends, our has tag was #bigredlips. Hahahaha I also met WellFitCurves for the first time. These gals were a good time. Shout out to all the BLM Girls that were in the building.

If you were there what would your question be?

Chrisette Michele

Then this happened after I tweeted this recap.

Pose 'N Post

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  1. Love the idea of the Pose N’ Post…looks likes so much fun! Chrisette has always had such an original sound which isn’t easy in this hyper-autotune industry. I would have wanted to know how she manages to stay fresh and keep her unique sound with all the sameness surrounding her.

  2. So she is your new BFF – in the words of Michlle Tanner “How Rude!”

    Hahahahhahahhaha great recap! She’s gorgeous!!!!!

  3. Wow this looked like such a great event! And goodness I just finished cleaning the drool off my keyboard from those sweets photos -_- lol. I would’ve had a lot of similar questions, and probably asked what keeps them motivated even when things don’t go as planned/hoped?

  4. Thanks for the recap. I adore Chrisette. I would have asked how to show authenticity, and are their questions they ask themselves before posting what may be conceived as controversial. It is important to relate to your audience while also being authentic and genuine.

  5. I loved reading this! Chrisette Michele is so awesome. I went to the event yesterday in Columbia, and it was absolutely fabulous!

  6. Yeah BLM girls! Looks liek a fun event and I am sure it was great meeting her in person. I wnjoyed interviewing her last year as well. The Charm decor goodies look yummy and I love the “Block Delete”!

  7. This looks like a fun event. The chocolate covered pretzels look devine. I’m going to have to go to the store and get some melting chocolate now.

    I remember when i got my belly button pierced, it hurt pretty bad. I had to have it redone because the first one my body rejected. I have a metal allergy. I have to wear gold.

  8. I’m so glad you wrote this post, especially since I couldn’t make it out to the event in Atlanta last night. It looked like a ton of fun. You AND Chrisette looked super gorgeous! I love her even more after that tweet!

  9. You looked great! I had such a great time at the NYC event. Chrisette was super sweet for our interview. I wasn’t even expecting an interview. #BLMGirl

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