The Sistahs In Business Expo Is The Support We All Need

Hey Cuties,

How was the weekend? Babe and I had a great Saturday in Newark, NJ. Reserve your judgment, I know I feel the same way about Newark. We got on the road a little after 4 AM and drove 3.5 hours to Newark, New Jersey on 3 hours of sleep to attend the Sistahs in Business Expo (SIB Expo). The weather was perfectly beautiful for a day trip, spring showed up and gave us 80-degree weather. Yes!!!!

Sistahs in Business Expo #SIBExpo
Photo Credit: Babe

The Sistahs in Business Expo (SIB Expo) is the country’s only multi-city small business expo created specifically to celebrate and empower entrepreneurial women of color, the largest and fastest-growing demographic of entrepreneurs in the nation. SIB Expo provides an accessible platform where women of color can significantly expand their reach and grow their businesses. While other small business expos usually require costly vendor fees, the SIB Expo offers a more cost-effective, yet high-quality option for small businesses, thereby guaranteeing their ability to earn more on their investment. Of course, every business owner wants to make a profit, so the SIB Expo is ideal for smaller businesses. Small business expos are usually so beneficial, they provide business owners with useful advice to ensure they can increase their sales and meet their business goals. One of the top tips from this expo was that small businesses could grow their sales by introducing worldwide shipping. To do this, businesses would need to make use of an online merchant service, like QPay Europe. That would allow them to accept worldwide payments from most currencies, helping small business owners to make their business international.

They are scheduled to host events in Newark, NJ; Philadelphia, PA; Columbia, SC; and Atlanta, GA.

Sistahs in Business Expo #SIBExpo #SIXExpoNJ
Jasmine Sanders

The event host was Jasmine Sanders is the Co-Star Of The Nationally Syndicated “The DL Hughley Show”. Jasmine is a force to be reckoned with having over 15 years of media experience. Jasmine has interviewed countless A-listers including Beyonce, John Legend, Shaquille O’Neal, Jamie Foxx, Laurence Fishburne, LeBron James and Steve Harvey just to name a few.

I chatted with her about what it is like being a woman in a male-dominated field, this is what she told me:

“…Be secure in who I was so that when I walked into a room filled with men they did not define me because I had already defined myself. I absolutely refused to allow them to tell me who I was, what I could do and what my limitations were. Make sure you know exactly who you are, why you are there, and you know where you are going.”

Sistahs in Business Expo #SIBExpo #SIXExpoNJ
MCLyte & Dr. Lynn Richardson

MC Lyte and Dr. Lynn Richardson were the keynote speakers. They are like the dynamic duo.

MCLyte: Hip Hop Pioneer is a legendary lyricist, DJ, voice over talent, actress, entertainer, and icon. MC Lyte first appeared on the scene in 1988 with her debut album Lyte As A Rock. At the tender age of 17 she began schooling other MCs in the art of rhyme, and since that time she has proven that greatness always prevails with a total of ten albums (9 plus a “GREATEST HITS”) to her credit.

Dr. Lynn Richardson: Has more than two decades of leading roles in the banking and real estate sales industries. Dr. Lynn Richardson is an author, entertainment executive and celebrity financial coach who uses her quick wit and humorous presentation style to help others face their money issues and achieve personal, professional and spiritual harmony.


Dr. Lynn gave us tangible tips on how to live responsibly PERIOD! This theory translates well for personal and business growth.

The Goal: Spend less money than you make.

Step #1: Tithe 10%

Every time you get paid you tithe. Don’t wait until you get some money, start with a little and work your way up as your financial status improves.

Step #2: Save 10%

Save for your come up! Things will happen in the economy and you have no control over that.

Step #3: 30% Cash in your pocket!

Using cash keeps you from overspending. That reminds you that all you have to spend it what is in your hand.

Step #4: 50% Bills!

This money stays in your checking account so you can pay your bills.

Sistahs in Business Expo #SIBExpo #SIXExpoNJ

After an amazing panel, I had the honor of asking the first question, they said it was a good question too.

Q: Once you make changes/adjustments in your life to better yourself that means you have to let go of some people in your life. How do you handle that?

A: No is a complete sentence! You can’t help anyone with an empty cup. Surround yourself with people who are going to help support your new financial behaviors.

Sistahs in Business Expo #SIBExpo #SIXExpoNJ
Epic Moment with MC Lyte!

I lived in the Bronx, New York as a little girl at the very coming of age moment of Hip Hop. That made this moment even more epic for me. Oh, and we were totally twinning with our makeup and red lip.

Sistahs in Business Expo #SIBExpo #SIXExpoNJ

Newark, New Jersey Mayor Ras J. Baraka & SIB Founder, Aisha Taylor Issah

Mayor Ras J. Baraka came out to share his support for women business owners. This event was geared to the women, but there were several men there to support encourage and assist. It is okay and encouraged that men support the women in their lives.

Aisha Taylor Issah is the Founder and CEO of Sistahs In Business Expo. She is a successful entrepreneur, ordained minister, and college professor. Aisha launched the Sistahs in Business Expo with the goal of providing a space where entrepreneurial women of color could grow and showcase their business. She has experienced firsthand the challenges of being an entrepreneurial woman of color and wanted to create a platform that alleviated some of those challenges for other entrepreneurs.

Sistahs in Business Expo #SIBExpo #SIXExpoNJ
Mi & Babe

Babe was the real MVP, we hung out all day. When working as media it is hard to do the recording, snap the pictures, and get pictures of you in action. Babe is the perfect wingman, he has a good eye for pictures and makes sure he captures the money shots while I do interviews. I could not do what I love without his support, he is also a good time. We took a break to soak up the sun outside.

Sistahs in Business Expo #SIBExpo #SIXExpoNJ

The Uptown Vegan was killing the game, Owner Drea sold out. They are a made-to-order vegan baking company.

Sistahs in Business Expo #SIBExpo #SIXExpoNJ

Sohce (So-Chae) Planet had some cute eco-friendly products. I wanted this purse you see in the middle. They are all about disrupting the system by educating the school industry, corporations, small businesses and the individual home concerning the effects of farming, fashion, and the overuse of raw materials.

Sistahs in Business Expo #SIBExpo #SIXExpoN

Declare it & Wear it had some cute tees, I’m a sucker for a good graphic t-shirt.

Sistahs in Business Expo #SIBExpo

UNWRP was one of my favorite vendors at the event. They provide luxury stationery that elevates the gifting experience.

Sistahs in Business Expo #SIBExpo #SIXExpoNJ

Sierrasale was another one of my favorites. She makes handmade items and others unique finds. I was in love with every piece she had. I love the bold prints and colors.

Sistahs in Business Expo #SIBExpo #SIXExpoNJ

The owner was a sweetheart, we had a good time chitchatting. She even put this beautiful draped fabric necklace on me. It would be hot overtop of a bikini.

Sistahs in Business Expo #SIBExpo #SIXExpoNJ

The Tina Pearson Salon had some incredible hair products. Their color and cut game was dope, they did a cutting demonstration. You can never go wrong with a bob cut, the funkier the better.

Mia London was another favorite, this adorable book that I purchased for LittleCuteLips was written by Dean and his Mom. The best part is, Dean is 10 years old. They also have matching pajamas and other merchandise you can get to go with the book. That is next level branding let me tell you.

Sistahs in Business Expo #SIBExpo #SIXExpoNJ

This is Dean and I, he is a very smart young man. He and I chatted about the book and I told him how perfect it would be for my 6-year-old daughter. Dean is headed to do even bigger and better things in life and I can’t wait to cheer him on. Pick up a copy for the little cutie in your life.

Sistahs in Business Expo #SIBExpo #SIXExpoNJ
What’s Your Superpower Panel

This was a fun panel filled with inspiration, it included L to R:

Panel Moderator: Cordelia Donovan, Jasmine Sanders, Panelist: Cara Walker (pink), SIB Founder Aisha Taylor Issah, Nicole Doss, Khalilah Webster and Angelina Darrisaw

Sistahs in Business Expo #SIBExpo #SIXExpoNJ

Shout out to Mo Comforting Sweets for the delicious pineapple cake, the red velvet cake, and Babe’s Key Lime cake. It was mouthwatering. Babe and I had a fun-filled day supporting women in business. The Sistahs In Business Expo is headed to Philadelphia, PA: July 14th, Columbia, SC: August 11th, and the ATL: October 13th.

Do you support your Sistahs in Business? As a Sistah in Business do you feel supported? Chat with me in the comments below or FB, IG, and Twitter.

The first Sistahs in Business Expo took place in Newark, New Jersey. Mc Lyte and Dr. Lynn Richardson were the keynote speakers. The room was filled with black women business owners vending. The next stop is Philly, PA. #SIBExpo #SIBExpoNJ

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  1. Another dope event!!! In the short time I’ve been following your blog you’ve been on the hustle and your coverage and access to events has been amazing to watch. I love how it was people from all walks of life and there was so much information and support in the room. One of my goals is to attend more events like this.

    1. Thanks, Sheena. I love going to events, connecting with people and soaking up the information they share. Then I bring it back to share with you gals. The tickets for the Expo were only like $10 so they are keeping the cost low for attendees.

  2. Wow this EXPO looks like it was so good. I love MC Lyte. She is so smart and so into building up our community. Glad you enjoyed.

  3. Great tips! It looks like a great event to have attended. You lucked up on the weather too. I hope they’ll Bring this event to the DMV one day. I’d definitely check it out.

  4. Well kudos for you getting a shot with MC Lyte yay! I love your bae is so support and the perfact wingMAN, I pray I have a man that supportive one day he always looks out for you at events.

    1. Yes, I was on a mission to get my life all the way together. I believe in taking advantage of free information. They gave us a word.
      MC Lyte was so fresh to death.

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