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It is another week upon us and fall officially begins on Thursday. *tosses fall foliage* fall is my favorite season, I love fall fashion, and I turn a year older. It also kicks of the holiday season in my world; yay for nice things. We are still in September and that means it is still Childhood Cancer Awareness Month & Sickle Cell Awareness Month. As your St. Jude Cutie, I’m continuing to spread the word. Today I’m sharing the details of the St. Jude Target House. Do you know that is even a thing? Don’t worry; I didn’t either until I went for a visit.

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Target House

Those that know Mi know that I am obsessed with Target. I talked about Target during our entire St. Jude Blogger tour; so much so the staff couldn’t wait for me to visit the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Target House on the last day. I had no idea that the Target House was a thing. I’m going to share what was shared with me. If you’ve ever seen the old show Extreme Home Makeover, the Target House is like a non-stop episode of Extreme Home Makeover. Stick with me, you will oooooohhhh and awwwwww at every turn. I totally did.


St. Jude covers their travel, treatment, food and living. Now that you know these families aren’t paying for any of this, let me show you where YOUR donations are going. *Grab at beverage & #FatSnacks and come right back* before the tour starts.

St. Jude Target House Entrance

This really cool elephant water display sits in front the Target House. Elephants are said to be tough, and strong and very family oriented. This is a recurring them for St Jude’s Children Research Hospital. The Target headquarters in Minnesota also has an elephant display in front of their headquarters. See what they did there?

The Target House is for patients getting treatment days or longer.

Target House Welcome Map

Because of the symbolism of elephants you will see them throughout the house. I will point them out as we go. Come on in.

The Target House I & II holds 100 families total.

The Target House Entrance

Already you can see how fun and youthful the house is. Peep the gold hat on the kids head. Cute right. The list on the other side is a little bit of love to those that contribute to the magic that is the Target House.

St. Jude Patients that are being treated for 30 days or less stay at the Memphis Ronald McDonald House.

Shaun White Room

When you enter the front door and walk up the step behind the kid statue above the Shaun White room is to the right. Thanks to Babe I already knew who Shaun White was before I got there. For those that aren’t familiar he is Shaun is a 30 year old beast with the receipts to prove it. He is a professional snowboarder and skateboarder. He is a two-time Olympic gold medalist and holds the X-Games records for gold medals and highest overall medal count. Oh, and he has won 10 ESPY Awards. You know, slight work. Shaun was one of the first celebs to get involved in actually designing his room.

Fun Fact: The gold emblems you see on the wall were hand painted by stencil. There is no wallpaper in the Target House because they have to protect the kid’s immune systems.

This room is a lounge area for the kids and their families. A change of scene when they don’t want to sit in their apartments. St. Jude host some activities for them sometimes as well.

Dream Works Room

When you come up the steps in the entrance the Dream Works room is to the left. It is directly across from the Shaun White room. This room was a different kind of magical. I’m told Disney will send over movies for the kids to watch from time to time.

They thought of everything, the kids, they had drawing stations, lounge areas, this sonic chair bomb box which is really dope, computer, books and more.

The Teen Room

Video games, pool table, computer, board games, this room reeks of teenagery. I love the rules of the teen room and I bet the teenagers do too. It gives them the perfect opportunity to be able to get stuck into their favorite video games without facing the hassle of their parents. Imagine being able to incorporate this eso nightblade build guide into your Elder Scrolls Online game without worrying that your privacy could be invaded. It’s great! This is the ultimate dream of so many youngsters across the globe and these teenagers have the ability to live this reality. No parents are allowed, wasn’t that your dream as a teenager? This room is sponsored by Proctor & Gamble

Target House Teen Room Rules

I love that they allow them to just be teens, that is such a fragile time of life.

Target House: Kid Play Room

They couldn’t make something for the teens and not the babies. This is the little kid play room; you must have a kitchen set in the room. I would love this pink chair in my house. They have little Target shopping carts too. This room is sponsored by Johnson & Johnson.

Target House: St. Jude Patient Apartment

The apartments in the Target house comfortably hold 4 people. They are fully furnished and families can even go out for groceries if they would like. The Target House has four isolation rooms, those are for patients who have extremely compromised immune systems. They have an private entrance to the outside.

Target House: Playground

I’m not a kid and this playground is so epic it makes you want to play immediately; you can’t go wrong with a Candy Land theme. I loved that they had a lounge area on the other side of the playground. The parents can chill out and do their thing while watching their kids on the playground.

Target House: Peppermint Playground

I’m a sucker for peppermint and I don’t leave home without it. Why? Because anxiety and motion sickness. Peppermint helps relax the impulses and I need that in my life. When I saw these on the backside of the playground I knew a photo shoot was so going to be a thing. At least I sat like a lady.

Target House: Outdoor Pavilion

The Outdoor pavilion sits behind the playground; they both sit between Target House I & Target House II. Fun Fact: This pavilion was donated by the Tiger Woods Foundation

Did you know you can donate to St. Jude via St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Tour?

Target House II: Elephant Hall

Remember that elephant theme I told you about? Here are some dope elephants from some really dope celebs. These are my favorites:

Top Row L to R: Cindy Crawford (Supermodel and Actress), Maya Angelou (American Autobiographer & Poet) & Debbie Allen (Actress, Choreographer & TV Director)

Middle Row L to R: Kevin Clash (Performer of Elmo), Oprah Queen of TV & Sonia Kashuk (Make-Up Artist)

Bottom Row L to R: John Mayer (singer and songwriter), Robin Williams (Actor& Comedian) & Daughter Zelda & Justin Timberlake (Actor, singer and songwriter)

St. Jude does not pay their celebrity ambassadors

Target House: Gym

This gym has all the bells and whistles, no surprise here. A spa, gym equipment, lounge area and dance studio. This mirror is perfect for selfies.

The Target House property sits on 33 acres of property with a Retirement Community and a Catholic High School. Neither of the two things are affiliated with St. Jude.

Target House: Brad Paisley Room

This is room is so Memphis, so down and so rock ‘n roll. The center of the table is made of guitar picks. So dope.

Target House: Craft Room

You already know this was my favorite spot of the house. I love the bold color decor. They don’t take donations because sanitation is a high concern. Fun Fact: When celebs come by a lot of their activities take place in this room.

Support the St. Jude magic.

Book oh Target

You already know that I was all over this chair the minute I saw it. Say cheese! I would love to come in here and do craft with the kids.


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