Anxiety is that you?

Hey Cuties,

I’ve been in Miami for a few days enjoying some much needed R&R with my Cuties. I’m constantly on the go at home so much I didn’t realize how exhausted my body really was. The older I get the more I really learn who I am and the things that make me Mi. I own them all.

I have anxiety

I self-diagnosed myself with OCD {Obsessive compulsive disorder} before the interwebs were in existence. Once WebMD was created I would later confirm this self-diagnoses. I have a lot of idiosyncrasies {a characteristic, habit, mannerism, or the like, that is peculiar to an individual.} but they don’t compare to my OCD. I’m that girl who pre-washes her dishes before putting them in the dish washer. THE DISHWASHER DOES NOT HAVE A SCRUBBING MECAHNISIM! I am that girl who irons everything. I’ve ironed my baby’s onesies since their birth. I iron undershirts that never see the light of day and I’ve been known to iron duvet covers, pillow cases, tote bags and other random things most people don’t iron. I have a few things that must be done in a certain order or it totally throws me off.

I have anxiety

Within the last couple of years I realize that I also suffer from anxiety. I immediately felt it was time to research a few ways that I can reduce the effects of my anxiety. I found that HerbMighty had reviewed a number of options like pure CBD. Yes, I’m the social outgoing person that you know me to be to my core. I am the life of the party a lot of times. I am the woman that has her ish together. I run my household like a well-oiled machine. I am organized to a fault and I make our busy lifestyle look like a cake walk. I’m tough as hell and strong as an ox but I suffer from anxiety. Thankfully, I’ve heard about lots of health products that are supposed to ease anxiety, and I know that I need to get my hands on some of them. You can click here for some more information on some of these anxiety-reducing supplements.

Anxiety: noun, plural anxieties.

  1. distress or uneasiness of mind caused by fear of danger or misfortune:
  2. earnest but tense desire; eagerness:
  3. A state of apprehension and psychic tension occurring insome forms of mental disorder.

As you get older/wiser you start to notice more things about yourself. When I reflect back on my life I recall moments when my anxiety was present only I didn’t know what it was. Now I do and it shows up a lot more than I would like. I posted about an incident that happened in my home HERE and since then most of my sleep is anxiety riddled and not restful. I will say the 40 days I did the Insanity work out I did have amazing sleep. My body was so exhausted from the work out I would fall into a coma like sleep every night. I had no idea that it would do wonders for my anxiety. Here I am in South Beach Miami and I’ve gone to bed early every night and slept in late every morning. I had no idea how much my body needed this rest but I’m so thankful that I’m getting it. Some people have found that having an improvement in sleep quality can help with anxiety. If you are having problems with sleeping, trying a new mattress from somewhere like Leesa, could be a good place to start as a good mattress helps to promote better sleep.

I have anxiety

We all have our quirks and they make us who we are. Some are more severe than others but you have to own them. They don’t define us and they don’t have to keep us from being our greatest self. For some reason I felt the need to share this and the feeling wouldn’t go away. I hope it helps someone. I hope it sparks a discussion. I hope it sparks a needed action. I’ve not seen a doctor about my anxiety but it is on my short list of things to do. Either way I’m empowered by my truth and I hope you are too.

What are the quirky things about you and how do you deal with them?

I have anxiety

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Mimi Robinson is the Lifestyle Media Correspondent and editor behind MimiCuteLips®. She is a wife and mother of two. You can find Mimi working media at your favorite events, traveling and trying out new adventures, or working on a dope DIY project.

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  1. Josselyne

    Anxiety is no joke. I haven’t been diagnosed but some of my tendencies are questionable. I am glad that you have been able to acknowledged these things in your life and put a name to them. Sometimes just not knowing can cause even more anxiety. I am glad you got to rest in FL 🙂

    • MimiCuteLips

      Josselyne, you are so right. Putting a name to it adds to the anxiety, I can’t pretend like I don’t know now that I do.

  2. Louida

    I’m happy you had time to get away and enjoy yourself. I’m always finding myself so overwhelmed at times due to blogging full time. So I’m learning to step away, take breaks, and have more time to myself.

  3. Olivia

    Thanks for sharing, I honestly think it’s hard to live in this world and NOT have some sort of anxiety. I know I have had my share of those moments. I do think it is important to be aware of your feelings and constantly growing. I think it’s great that as you are getting older you are still willing to learn about yourself and keep growing!

    • MimiCuteLips

      Thanks Olivia, we all have some basic level of anxiety. Once we realize its a bit more than normal it when life changes. I am glad to at least recognize it for what it is.

  4. Laura B

    This is a very important topic. I also have a type of ocd but I have found ways to avoid it (through art). I love that you are sharing this. It is the best way to overcome it and help others to overcome it.

    • MimiCuteLips

      Thanks Laura, I think being creative certainly helps relax some of my anxiety and OCD. I also love a nice hot cup of Honey Vanilla Chamomile Tea.

  5. Kita

    I am the opposite I stay in my house which is probably why I can’t lose this weight. I have become so accustomed to being behind my computer that if someone asks me to go somewhere I say can I just meet you online and have a drink in my house lol. It’s gotten bad. Get some rest and drink a drank for me.

    • MimiCuteLips

      Kita girl we need to get you out and taking in some fresh air. That alone will change some things. lol @ meet you online and have a drink in the house.

      I’m not even a drinker but I did enjoy sipping and relaxing.

  6. Claudette J. Davis

    DNA is for real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. De

    One thing I used to do was try to predict the outcome of certain situations prior to the outcome; and that is NOT good and creates anxiety.

  8. Tyra

    I definitely have my quirks, and in some things have OCD tendencies! It is good that you recognize and understand yourself, but also good that you took some time to rest not just your body but also your mind. So needed every so often!

    • MimiCuteLips

      Tyra I realize I need to rest my mind a little more often. I’m going to build that in my calendar and make it a priority.

  9. Mimi

    Thank you for this. The past few weeks I’ve really been dealing with myself and my quirkiness. I plan to blog about it in a few days especially after that FB post I shared.

    I think I’ve known that I was a little different and thought a little different than other people and instead of embracing it in the past I tried to make myself fit a mold of what is “normal” to them. Now I’m fighting to be who I am and tell people who don’t like it or how I do things to kiss my ass…family included.

    I had a bout with anxiety a few years ago. A lot was going on and I would just get this uneasy feeling, my heart would race and just like it came it went away when things calmed down. Life really and truly is a roller coaster and the older I get I’m on the ride for me an not for everyone else.

    Love the photos!

    • MimiCuteLips

      The quirks are what make us US. I’m sure there are plenty of people that love you for who YOU are. Don’t worry about those, they will either come around or not and that is okay.

      When I get uneasy my heart races, my head gets dizzy and I get warm on the inside. The problem with that is I faint easy so I’m always trying to prevent it from getting to that level. Lots of deep breaths, water and peppermints keep me going.

  10. Emerald

    Hi Mimi! Thanks so much for being transparent. I’m very outgoing as well and working on my issues with anxiety. I’ve noticed it’s not as bad when I stay away from sugar and caffeine. I noticed that I feel better when I exercise or have a drink. Thanks again for sharing!! Xx!

    • MimiCuteLips

      Emerald you are so welcome. I’ve been drinking a lot of soda and ice tea lately. I need to back off, caffeine is never good.

      Exercise does make me feel better, I have to stick with it.

  11. Tanay

    thanks for sharing! I have self diagnosed anxiety! My boyfriend always tells me I’m a worrier not a warrior lol. It’s serious.


    • MimiCuteLips

      lol @ your boyfriend. I’m certainly want to be more warrior than worrier. I try not to worry about things that are out of my control. Some days are better than others.

  12. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I am more paranoid I think. I am always, ALWAYS feeling like I lost something or I forgot something. Usually I don’t, but I spent so much time obsessing that I forgot something.

    • MimiCuteLips

      Robin, I know this is easier said than done but try to create a check system before leaving. Maybe this will help minimize your worry.

  13. stephanie samuel

    Thanks for sharing your story. For a long time I would experience sporadic chest pain but the doctors never knew why. Then after changing healthcare providers, I discovered that all those times I was having anxiety attacks.

    I am happy that you are learning to care for yourself and managing your stress.

    • MimiCuteLips

      Oh wow Stephanie, glad you found the root of the problem. I’m certainly learning to manage my stress and to put it into perspective.

  14. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    I have a friend with OCD, and it can totally debilitate her. I’m always so sad that anyone has to deal with it. I can’t imagine having to worry about so much in a day. =(

    • MimiCuteLips

      Stacie, my goal is to not let either one of them debilitate me. I would be so upset with myself if I allowed that to happen. Owning up to it is a step in the right direction for me. I’m going to get my fitness going and see how that helps and adjust my diet a bit.

      I hope your friend is able to control her OCD instead of it controlling her.

  15. Christy Maurer

    I think our quirkiness makes us unique! Anxiety is not fun. I get panic attacks sometimes and they’re awful. I’m glad your workouts have been helping you sleep better. Sleep really does help!

    • MimiCuteLips

      I totally agree that our quirkiness makes us unique. I’ve not experienced a full on panic attack. I hope the life changes I make now will prevent me from getting to that place.

  16. Ronda Ogilvie

    Thank you for sharing! I also suffer from anxiety, i’m just too lazy to be OCD 😉 I’m glad you have gotten away to get some rest!

  17. Alli

    I think we all have our quirks. Speaking of dishwashers, I won’t let anyone put a dish in that came in contact with an egg. I hate that “eggy” smell and (to me) it always makes all the dishes smell eggy.

  18. Tyesha Brown

    Hi Mimi,

    This is my first time visiting your blog and I adore how transparent you are in this post. I myself suffer from anxiety and I tend to try to stray away from discussing the issues that I know I suffer from. I think my main thing is taking on to much even when I know I’m in over my head. It’s always so hard for me to say no to anyone particularly to my family and I think often times people take advantage of that because they know I have such a big heart.

    Lately taking walks alone in my neighborhood and clearing my mind has been helping me deal with my anxiety issues; however, I’m a work in progress and taking baby steps to focus on my inner self. I’m glad I found your blog and will be reading more!

    • MimiCuteLips

      Tyesha I so appreciate that. I still have a way to go but I’ve gotten much better at remembering No is a complete sentence. You can’t take care of anyone else unless you take care of yourself. Put you first and if you have time for the others you can fit them in. If not they will figure things out or go to someone else.

      Running outside is a great way to clear my mind as well. Something about that fresh air that just does it for us. Baby steps are good, I’m always here if you need a shoulder or cheerleader. I’m MimiCuteLips on all social media profiles so I’m easy to find. I will check in on you though. <3

  19. Amanda

    I have crazy quirks about how to load the dishwasher and put away laundry. It drives me nuts when my husband messes it up!

    • MimiCuteLips

      I wish putting away laundry was something I was OCD about. Instead it gives me anxiety and sits in a laundry basket for days.

      I am OCD about the dishwasher so they know to only put their dishes in the sink

  20. Lyndsey Jones

    Anxiety is definitely something that is hard to deal with. Unless you suffer with it, you can’t fully comprehend what it causes. Great post. I like that dress!

  21. touristmeetstraveler

    I totally agree with you, there are many moments in my life that I recall and only now do I realize that I was experiencing anxiety. Now that I’m older and wiser, I don’t find those situations happening too much.

  22. rochkirstin

    My mom also has OCD and she cannot take seeing our clothes just on the bed or the chairs in the dining area not fixated on the table. Sometimes it’s annoying to see her so anxious because she makes us also feel the same–stressed out hearing her complains. 🙁

    • MimiCuteLips

      My Mom suffers from anxiety too and I wonder if that is why my sister and I have it. I try to hide it from my kids, I don’t want them to deal with it.

  23. Tiffani G

    Thank you for sharing so openly. Many of us are struggling with anxiety and depression, but few are brave enough to admit it. I have quirks too. I need to wash the dishes a certain way, with a specific brush for glasses, a specific brush for the kids cups, and a separate sponge for the dishes. I refuse to use a dish rag to wash dishes.

  24. Danielle K

    I do have anxiety and some days are better than other, but I mostly have it under control. I have so many little things, but I’m pretty obsessive about things being it their place and symmetry.

  25. Carin Kilby Clark

    I’ve dealt with my fair share of anxiety as well. And it’s certainly been more apparent as I get older. Looks like Miami was a good time had by all. I’m counting down until my MIA visit this October. 🙂

  26. Erin Branscom

    I definitely have anxiety too! It can be so tough. I always try to slow down when I’m feeling anxious and try to do something for me. I did a class on personalities once and it was so helpful. It helped me to understand that some personalities are just prone to anxiety. It’s how he made us! 🙂

  27. Chasity Boatman

    You should visit a doctor about your anxiety. They could help you find a therapist or medication that can lessen your symptoms. I’ve found therapy very helpful.

    • MimiCuteLips

      Chasity I’m going to seek out a therapist and see how it goes. No meds for me but other methods to help the process.

  28. Tonya C

    I used to have SEVERE anxiety to talk in front of a crowd. I don’t have it anymore once I actually just started doing it.

  29. Chubskulit Rose

    I am dealing with a loss of someone right now and it is being hard because I am thousands of miles away. It’s hard to be living so far away, I have no one to talk to here except my husband. Glad to read your post, it somehow relieves my anxiety.

    • MimiCuteLips

      Lots of love to you. I’ve had to find some things to help ease my anxiety. Water is good, peppermint candy is a life saver for me. I only like the red starlight mints, they help calm me. Peppermint oil serves the same purpose. When in doubt some regular old deep breaths will do it.

  30. Jeanine

    Miami looks so lovely and relaxing! I have the worst anxiety. I can’t leave my house alone or if I do and there’s lots of people I secretly freak out! It can be so awful.

    • MimiCuteLips

      Jeanine it was so relaxing. That sounds awful, I can’t imagine being afraid to leave home alone. Have you found any tips or trips to help ease the anxiety?

      Water is good, peppermint candy is a life saver for me. I only like the red starlight mints, they help calm me. Peppermint oil serves the same purpose. When in doubt some regular old deep breaths will do it.

  31. becka

    I have severe social anxiety. People think I am rude because I don’t talk as much but really I’m just try not to freak out. I also prewash the dishes.

  32. Patranila

    It was always my understanding that there could be no OCD without anxiety because the anxiety is what causes one to try to control things obsessively. Either way, a good run around the block is often a good cure for what ails you. Have you considered seeing a physician about your condition though?

    • MimiCuteLips

      Patranila, that makes total sense to me. A good run clears so much up for me, it really does. I have plans to see a therapist. Oddly enough that gives me anxiety.

  33. lisa

    I have terrible anxiety! Pretty much everything you can think of or not think of, gives me anxiety! I really wish there was a way to ease most of this anxiety.

  34. Uplifting Families

    I experience anxiety from time to time. It usually happens when I’m super stressed out. I try to keep my stress levels down because it affects my fibromyalgia too.

    I think learning how to stop and take deep breathes helps a ton when I am feeling an anxiety attack come on.

    • MimiCuteLips

      I totally agree, I frequently take deep breathes when I feel it happening. I also make my kids take deep breaths when they are crying and I can’t understand them.

  35. ourfamilyworld

    I am sorry you were diagnosed with this. I don’t like dishes in the sink. I have to wash them asap

  36. Carly Brydon

    I definitely feel you on the anxiety. I deal with it off and on. It’s no fun and I always hate hearing when others go through it too.

  37. Jocelyn

    Anxiety is no fun. I suffered from it kicking into over drive between the loss of my oldest sister in late summer of ’13 and making a major cross state move the following summer ’14.

    I have my own OCD quirks too. But my husband and kids have forced me to relax some of them. So happy you got some much needed R&R in Miami. Your pictures are beautiful!

  38. Raijean

    I completely understand. I just left Miami and it was everything I needed and more.

  39. Rosey

    I just don’t have time to go into my list of things that make me quirky. 😉 It’s okay everyone who loves me is quirky too.

  40. lisa @bitesforbabies

    I’m sort of feeling like this right now…I think it’s because of having little kids, working a stressful job, and life in general!

  41. Carissa

    I love this post! I have been dealing with some anxiety on and off ever since Darrick passed. I can usually tell its coming because my digestive system gets all out of sorts. Like you said once I find something to relax me thats helps a lot because you dont realize how much energy it takes when you are worked up or going so much. Thanks for Sharing!!

  42. Denise Murray Wong

    You have shared a personally transparency that I wish I were able to achieve. I admire even more than ever for your honesty and courage. I never would have known, if I hadn’t just read your post. You’ve got this! Keep on shining Lady! 🙂

  43. CourtneyLynne

    awwww I’m so happy you were able to get away!! Miami is definitely a great place to run away and escape anything! I use to go all the time when living in Orlando.

  44. Mionna

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us! It’s great that you recognize these things about yourself, but I’m def in the corner yelling Amen about going to the doctor! Sometimes we get so used to things that we don’t realize they’re a problem! But you know you better than anyone else…so we trust your judgment! I’m sure your jet setting was exactly what the doctor ordered…you looked like you had an awesome time! I’m jelly!! 🙂

  45. Christina Rice

    Love you for being you! Miami looks like it was a blast. Hope you find all the clarification you need for your anxiety.

  46. Vivi

    I’ve not be diagnosed with someone who has anxiety but I do experience it from time to time. Especially, when flying. Of late, I’ve had some mild anxiety attacks when even thinking of going somewhere public. It’s so weird and random.

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