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A few days before the new year I hung out with the Real Husbands of Largo for a New Years Resolution show.  This was a chance for us to discuss how to level up our goals/dreams/businesses, etc in 2018. Stacey and I had chatted about some of our accomplishments and realized we had accomplished so much on our own. None of this was rocket science but we both believe in sharing and educating the masses so we did.

Real Husbands of Largo
I met Stacey last year at the UPC Family Tour and our personalities clicked. We laughed and had a good time; honestly, I click with most people, but they all aren’t as down to earth or outgoing as I am.  This is the group picture we all took after our tour. From that day we all began following one another on social media. I would see Stacey post and like and comment and he would do the same.  This is why it is so important to connect with people.  I’ve connected with some of the ladies in this group after this event and it has been an awesome experience.

Real Husbands of Largo

The Real Husbands of Largo are active men in their community, husbands, fathers, uncles,  and all of that. They are giving the male perspective on life. They host their show on FB Live and cover a wide range of topics. My episode was on December 28th and thus far, the video has had 1.7K views. Aye!!!! You can watch the full show HERE! I was the first guest and WUSA 9 producer Renee Peace-Carr was the second guest; oddly enough I met her when I was on for my subscription box segment.

Watch your girl in action!

Real Husbands of Largo

Group picture with the husbands!

Now let me summarize the tips I shared for those in the cheap seats:

  • The Denzel Washington Interview we speak of HERE!
  • Why it is okay to have a 9 to 5: 3:24
  • How to make money from blogging: 4:35
  • How to Create Opportunites: 6:08
  • How to get seen with low social numbers: 6:33
  • Take advantage of meeting people: 7:55
  • Take advantage of free content when you have the opportunity: 9:05
  • How do you balance work/family and dreams: 9:25
  • Sometimes No means not right now: 9:54
  • Don’t get stuck on what you don’t have: 11:02
  • Utilize social media as a means to build relationships and contact people: 13:21
  • How do you find the courage to do these things: 14:14
  • Simple ways to separate yourself from others: 15:12
  • How do you get invited to events: 16:00
  • Why it’s important to provide a direct link to your work: 16:40
  • How do you grow your brand without large notoriety: 17:42
  • The value of sharing with others: 19:03

Real Husbands of Largo

Much love to the Real Husbands of Largo. They are a great group of guys, they are quite funny but definitely have big hearts. I can’t wait to see what they do in 2018. And don’t get it twisted, I’ve already secured my return to their show. This picture totally summaries my experience. Great content was shared but the laughter. OH MY GOSH! MimiCuteLips is ready to take on speaking gigs. I am for hire, Universe did you hear that?

Lifestyle Media Correspondent MimiCuteLips is a guest on the Real Husbands of Largo Show. She is sharing tips, tools, and tricks for getting ahead in your business/dream/hustle without having a budget.

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