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On Friday I had my most Carrie Bradshaw moment of all times. Sex and the City is one of my favorite movies, and I’ve seen every single episode and the movies a million times. Don’t keep sweaters in my oven like her but I am a writer. Carrie is a writer in love with fashion and love. She has her girl tribe and tramps around the city looking for inspiration on her next article. Duh… that totally sounds like me.

empathy eyebrows danni starr
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Empathy and Eyebrows: A Survivalist’s Stories on Reviving Your Spirit After Soul-Crushing Sh*tstorms
Between her time as a radio host, television figure, and social media personality, Danni Starr has never been afraid of sharing her opinion. In this book, she takes you on a whirlwind tour of her own life and beyond, with plenty of personal perspective and #BlackGirlMagic to go around.

The book is available for pre-order now and releases on October 16th.

empathy eyebrows danni starr
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Danni Starr is an empath, national media personality, mental health advocate, and activist. The former Miss Minnesota International 2007 can be heard every morning on 93.9 WKYS and seen weekly on the TLC network as host of TLCme Now. She graduated magna cum laude in May 2008 with a communications degree from St. Catherine’s University in Minneapolis.

empathy eyebrows danni starr
Mi and Danni

Backstory: I was first introduced to Danni Starr on Bridezilla in 2011. I then watched her on Marriage Boot-camp in about 2013/2014. From then I began to follow her on social media. I was thrilled to find out she moved to the DC area. Eventually, she and I would meet up at a DistrictMotherhued event.  We hit it off instantly as if we were old friends. From there we would continue to run into one another at events and chat and take selfies. When I heard she was coming out with a book I had to interview her.

Our Carrie Bradshaw moment took place at a cute coffee shop downtown in Washington, DC.  We sat at the bar along the window and took in the natural light from the sun. It was radiating all over our melanin as we chatted; we could chat all day.

Q: What was the process like? 00:24

Q: Was it therapeutic? 01:07

Q: Did you share everything, or did you keep some things for yourself? 01:35

Q: Did you feel the need to warn anybody that they were going to be discussed in the book? 02:27

Q: Has your ex-husband read the book? 04:20

Q: Start to finish how long is this process? 04:47

Q: How old were you when you got married? 07:00

Q: When your girls get older will you sit them down and tell them about the book? 07:52

Q: Do you talk about depression in the book? 11:11

Q: How important is it to have a tribe? 13:50

Q: When people read your book what do you want them to walk away with? 17:15

Q: Is this the best Danni ever? 18:59

Order your copy here.

Lifestyle Media Correspondent MimiCuteLips chats with Danni Starr about her new book Empathy and Eyebrows. Empathy Eyebrows Danni Starr

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