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I had an incredible opportunity that the ladies on my news feed are drooling over honey. Ha! I and few of my media buddies sat down with actor Michael Ealy to chat with him about his new movie The Intruder co-starring Meagan Good, and Dennis Quaid. The Intruder is out in theaters May 3rd.

*There are no spoilers in our interview*

The Intruder

Scott and Annie Russell couldn’t be happier after buying their dream home from a mysterious and lonely widower named Charlie in Napa Valley, Calif. Their newfound paradise soon turns into a living nightmare when Charlie — still strangely attached to the house — begins to show up and interfere in their daily lives. When his erratic behavior turns to obsession, the young couple soon finds themselves caught up in a violent confrontation that threatens to destroy everything they hold dear.

The Interview

The Questions

Q: Tell us about The Intruder 00:10

Q: Have you struggled to detach yourself from something like Dennis Quaid’s character? 01:09

Q: How was it working beside Meagan Good? 02:27

Q: How was it playing this character vs. the character in the Perfect Guy? 03:57

Q: How do you shake a character to get ready for the next? 06:30

Q: Are you more like Scott or Charlie on gun control? 08:00

Q: What role has stretched your growth as an actor? 11:01

Q: Have you needed therapy after playing a character? 14:05

Q: What do you want the audience to take away from this movie?  16:45

Q: What do you miss the most about the DC area? 19:55

Q: What else can we expect from you? 22:10

Q: What is one obstacle you had to overcome in this industry? 22:56

Bonus Content I asked Michael and taking pictures and he asked if he could keep his clothes on. 26:54


This was my caption on IG: @mimicutelips Interviewing @themichaelealy was like chatting with your homeboy that happens to be famous. He was so chill, so smart, so real and funny. ?

michael ealy The Intruder Interview

Than Michael Ealy left this comment under our picture You can add him to my list of favorite interviews.

Fun Fact: Michael Ealy’s real name is Michael Brown. He was born in Washington, DC and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland. He is a local which made it even better. He is the homie.

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  1. He used to be my crush something about those eyes lol. Can’t wait to see this new movie and great interview you are becoming the blogger version of Oprah!

  2. I definitely agree that he comes off very chill and down to earth. I’m so glad he’s back playing a good guy in The Intruder. I’m interested to see how Dennis Quaid embraces his role because I’m used to seeing him playing the good guy in movies. It’s going to be interested in seeing him play the villain role.

    Also, kudos to Michael for not backing down from the gun control question because so many celebrities shy away from publically voicing their opinions on important political/controversial topics like this.

    1. Denni Quaid totally flipped the script in this one.

      Yes! He was thoughtful and honest and I respect someone who isn’t afraid to be honest regardless off their position.

  3. He is an excellent actor and I enjoy watching him on the big screen. I also like Meaghan good, so I’m sure I will be watching this film soon.

  4. I love what he says about “mental clutter”. Soooo true. His thoughts on light vs dark skin were also interesting and honest.

  5. Absolutely loved this interview! He was definitely like a homie, just as you said. Mad chill. Great questions all around… I feel like I know him a little better after this.

  6. Michael Ealy is as fine as always. Loved watching him on Being Mary Jane! I would loved to know how he became interested in acting, by chance or something else.

  7. Isn’t he the nicest? He is so humble and he is definitely more than just a handsome face (but it’s still awesome to look at while interviewing right). Loved this movie and he did well with Meagan!

  8. I love how you did this! So cool to let us jump to the answers we want. And he’s a local? DC (area) has really raised some talent!

    1. Ha! Thanks, I like to skip around sometimes. Yes, I didn’t know this was home for me. That made me like him even more. DC pumps out some talent.

  9. This was a great interview, everyone did a great job! His answers and personality are making me want to go see it. Not to mention those eyes!

  10. OMG this movie looks soo good. I am 100% love how the horror genre is being taken over (and dominated) by actors and actresses of color. Jordan Peale effect anyone?

  11. I want to see this not just for Michael Ealy … okay, maybe I’m lying, but I also love Meaghan Goode. I heard this movie is good.

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