An Annapolis Courthouse Wedding – Oh She Married Now!

Hey Cuties,

On Friday, April 19, 2019, Babe and I said yes to forever in a lawful union. If you follow me on social then this is no longer a surprise. If you don’t [shame on you] SURPRISE! We married now, although a lot of you assumed we already were. We did it our way, on our terms and it was perfect in every way.

MimiCuteLips Surprise Annapolis Courthouse Wedding

I’ve been sharing pictures on social all week but I promised you a blog post so this is me delivering. This is Part I and it is all about our Annapolis Courthouse Wedding. Part II is all about the surprise and how it went down and the absolute best part is the reactions.

short hair bride
Union Station, DC – Photo Credit: Derrel Todd @DTodd

Elope: Elopement, colloquially speaking, is often used to refer to a marriage conducted in a sudden and secretive fashion, usually involving a hurried flight away from one’s place of residence together with one’s beloved with the intention of getting married

The Why:

Because we wanted to do things on our terms. If you don’t tell anyone then you aren’t subjected to their opinions and or wants for you to do things differently. Also, people have a lot of ideas but they don’t ever hand you the cash to go with said ideas.

short hair bride union station
Union Station, DC – Photo Credit: Derrel Todd @DTodd

Back Story:

More than six months ago we set the date. We wanted an anniversary date of our own; meaning we didn’t want it around our birthdays, the kids, the siblings, or our parents. To add to that list we didn’t want a date around a major holiday or in the winter. That automatically put us at spring, oh and the kids needed to be out of school. We don’t believe in just taking them out of school.

mimicutelips surprise courthouse wedding
Union Station, DC – Photo Credit: Derrel Todd @DTodd


About a month out we began to do the planning. Babe picked the colors, I wouldn’t have selected blue but the color combination was perfect. In a very short amount of time, we secured a marriage license, ordered rings, and we had packages arriving almost daily.

mimicutelips surprise courthouse wedding
Union Station, DC – Photo Credit: Derrel Todd @DTodd

Leading up to the Day:

This was a surprise to everyone but us, we told our Best Man [The ManChild] and Maid of Honor [LittleCuteLips] two days prior to the big day. The ManChild was shocked in a “wait what” type of way. LittleCuteLips giggled at his reaction, she was excited to have a role. I told her all the dresses she had been trying on were for Easter. Although she was excited about the wedding she still wanted her Easter dress.

mimicutelips surprise courthouse wedding
Union Station, DC – Photo Credit: Derrel Todd @DTodd

Annapolis Courthouse Wedding Day:

The day had arrived and we were all excited, I had zero nervousness or anxiety. Our rings had arrived and we were good to go. My niece came over early in the morning to beat my face. I helped my Maid of Honor get dressed and Babe helped our Best Man get dressed. We made our way to Annapolis with the hopes of beating the rain; DC was under a Tornado Watch.  As we walked to the courthouse random people stopped to tell us how beautiful our dresses were and how nice we all looked. It was cute. After a little paperwork, a short wait we entered the Chapel for our ceremony. The kids held on to our rings until it was time and a few moments later we were declared husband and wife.

mimicutelips surprise annapolis courthouse wedding
Courthouse Chapel in Annapolis, Maryland

I present to you Mr. & Mrs. Robinson. 4.19.2019

mimicutelips surprise annapolis courthouse wedding
Union Station, DC – Photo Credit: Derrel Todd @DTodd

After some grub and a little rain, we had a photo shoot with the incredible Derrel Todd. You already know his work because he takes all of our pictures. There was no way we would get married and not have him capture it for us. Per usual the end results blew our mind. I am excited about hanging these pictures up in our home.  Oh, and the tornado never happened, the Universe gave us favor and we appreciated it.

Our Look

Suits: H&M + Tie: Amazon

LittleCuteLips: Dress: Amazon + Shoes: H&M

Bride: Top: Shein + Skirt: @ShopOyemwen Shoes: Target  Beat: @lexxtheartist

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  1. Congrats!!! btw was your family upset?? how did you do all within a year? a friend who is getting married is so STRESSED right now. I was joking with her about having a very small ceremony and a huge reception instead. they were trying to trim the list

    1. Our Mom’s felt a-way, they weren’t upset though. I showed them the video of the actual ceremony and they were fine. [You will see more of that in part II] They were always excited but legit shocked. We did this within a MONTH. I wanted it to be special and nonstressful keeping it a secret took away the pressure put on by other people.

      1. Congratulations
        My boyfriend and I are planning on doing the same thing.
        Going to the courthouse

  2. Congratulations! Just beautiful how it all came together. I love that you did it in your own time, your way! The photos are fantastic. Many blessings to you and your family.

  3. I love the photos you’ve been sharing. I’m happy for you and your family. This couldn’t be anymore true, “people have a lot of ideas but they don’t ever hand you the cash to go with said ideas.”

  4. I absolutely love this idea! Like seriously. If I could go back and do my whole wedding over, it would be a small wedding with like 50 people and a minuscule budget.

    1. Thanks. I totally get it the process of planning can be overwhelming and expensive. Above all of that, the day goes by so fast you don’t get to fully take it in.

  5. Your photos are breathtaking. So beautiful. So uplifting. Such a beautiful representation of your union.
    We eloped too – back in 2009 and I wouldn’t do anything differently.

  6. Mimiiiiiiiiiii!
    I’m so happy for you and the fam. Girl, my wedding was 600 people (African wedding) and I don’t remember half of those who attended. The other half are no longer actively in my life. I legit can count on both hands the number of people who were at my wedding who are actually still in my life today. Besides, the money we spent could have been invested elsewhere. Though I’m glad I experienced what I thought was my dream wedding, I decided that the next time I get married (we got divorced 5 years later), I’m doing a very SMALL, private, destination wedding. The older you get, the more you realize less is more. You don’t need a lot of people to celebrate with. You just need the RIGHT people. Congratulations sis!

  7. I didn’t get tired of your post on social media. I loved it and I am happy you guys did it in your way congrats again!

  8. Looking at the pictures everything looks like it came together effortlessly. I’m sure everything didn’t go as simple as it seems. Overall, I love how you shared this intimate moment with the people you loved the most, your children. Congratulations to continued happiness!

  9. Aww Mimi, I’m literally tearing up a bit, CONGRATULATIONS! I love that you did it on your own terms, when and how you wanted. That’s simply beautiful!

  10. I’m one of those people that thought you all were already married. Congratulations,
    I’m so happy for you all! This is beautiful love your dress! I love me so black love!

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