Behind The Scenes Of The Surprise Wedding Announcement

Hey Cuties,

I gave you Part I of the wedding filled with the beautiful wedding pictures by Derrel Todd. I also told you the why and how we pulled off the surprise wedding we planned in one month. Now its time for the reveal, this is the best part. I’ve got the feels all over again and SO WILL YOU!

MimiCuteLips Surprise Wedding Announcement

Mi + Mommy + Cousin Faye + Aunt Pooh

The Invite

We invited our family and friends over to our new home for a Housewarming Party. No big deal, we have been settling into our new home for several months now. Some had been to our house already, but most had not so this was perfect.

MimiCuteLips Surprise Wedding Announcement

My cookie lady is so bomb.

The Announcement

My husband and I decided to share a two-minute video to share our big news. I created the video and he selected the music, it was the best two-minute collaboration ever.

MimiCuteLips Surprise Wedding Announcement

My God Baby had no idea why I was excited.

Neither one of us had on rings at the party, we didn’t want to give it away.

Party Time

We waited until a decent amount of our guest had arrived. You know CP time. I was so ready but needed to wait for my brother and sister-in-law to arrive and Babe’s best friend. Then we played this video.

I hear you might need a tissue, I’m just saying. That is just what the people told me as they watched.

MimiCuteLips Surprise Wedding Announcement

The Parentals

We invited our parents over an hour or so before the party to tell them. While this was a surprise I didn’t think it was fair to tell them when we told everyone else. However, we couldn’t tell them too soon for fear of them spilling our tea. Duh, I’m a media correspondent I like to control my narrative. Plus this was our news to share so I wanted it to be on our terms. Our Mom’s were a trip, they were legit in their feelings. I showed them the video of our ceremony and all 400 pictures D. Todd took along with my skirt and LittleCuteLips dress. They totally softened up, by the time the video played for everyone, as you can see they were all soft and mushy in the middle.

MimiCuteLips Surprise Wedding Announcement

Meet the Robinsons

Courtesy Call

Since we told our parents in person I only felt obligated to call my Dad and my Grandmother. Everyone else would find out how they found out and we were okay with that.

MimiCuteLips Surprise Wedding Announcement

Shocked, to say the least…

The Reaction

The reactions were bigger and more emotional than I expected. Y’all I was not ready. We naturally expect women to be excited, but the men were equally excited and I freaking adore them for that. To see so many people genuinely excited for us was overwhelming. I know folks love us and ride for us but to feel it in such a way was magical. Even the love from those not in attendance was just as strong. Y’all left 500+ comments on my social media channels. We had text messages from friends, family, and co-workers. Yall are our people and we are thankful for you.

Watch the reactions live and in living color.

MimiCuteLips Surprise Wedding Announcement

It was the best-kept secret!

MimiCuteLips Surprise Wedding Announcement

The love was so real!

MimiCuteLips Surprise Wedding Announcement

Squad! We’ve been Boo’s since the 4th grade, and we are 40 now. I attended both of their weddings and they attended my wedding surprise. We growed up now!

MimiCuteLips Surprise Wedding Announcement

Yall know how hard I ride for these too. We’ve been at it all of our life.

MimiCuteLips Surprise Wedding Announcement

We’ve been at this thang since we were in the 6th grade.  I’m telling you, get you a squad.

MimiCuteLips Surprise Wedding Announcement

Sissy + Mr. & Mrs. Robinson + Mommy

MimiCuteLips Surprise Wedding Announcement

We are Mr. & Mrs. Robinson because they are Mr. & Mrs. Robinson.

MimiCuteLips Surprise Wedding Announcement

They are also Mr. & Mrs. Robinson aka my brother-in-law + sister-in-law and my niece Kam.

MimiCuteLips Surprise Wedding Announcement

This is a few of a much bigger squad, they are affectionately known as The Street Team. They are Babe’s motorcycle family to include parents, spouses, and siblings of riders. They go hard for us too. We love them, they have been family for almost 10 years. Dope people find, bond, and connect with other dope people.

Shout out to Randy P for capturing these moments for us. We appreciate you.


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Mr. & Mrs. Robinson 👰🏽🖤🤵🏾 04.19.19 We’ve always done things our way and this was no different. SURPRISE! 😜 I will share the details on the blog later. 📝 . . . . Bride: @mimicutelips Groom: @reauandmimi Photographer: @dtodd Makeup: @lexxtheartist Top: @sheinofficial Skirt: @shopoyemwen Shoes: @targetstyle . . . #ReauandMimi #4192019 #MrandMrs #CourthouseWedding #BlackBride #DTodd #DerrelTodd #WeMarriedNow #IDo #WeDo #MimiCuteLips #TheKnot #BrideToBe #TheKnotWeddings #TheWeddingGram #WeddingsOnPoint #BlackBridalBliss #AislePerfect #SpringWedding #WeddingInspo #Newlywed #GorgeousBride #WeddingShot #VictoriousBride #WeddingWire #WeddingChicks #WeddingOfTheDay #TheCoordinatedBride #BlueandPinkWedding #PinkandBlueWedding

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Mimi Robinson is the Lifestyle Media Correspondent and editor behind MimiCuteLips®. She is a wife and mother of two. You can find Mimi working media at your favorite events, traveling and trying out new adventures, or working on a dope DIY project.

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  1. Maria Blanca

    Well I think you did a wonderful job keeping it a secret and surprising everyone. Did you have a wedding cake at the house warming/surprise wedding announcement? The wedding pictures were beautiful, and I wish you and your beautiful family many many blessings! Congratulations!

  2. kita

    This is everything! I think the surprise is the best part of this because it makes it that much more memorable. I love this and I love you all this is everything. Again congrats to you!

    • MimiCuteLips

      Yes, the surprise was the best part for me. The love was oozing out of everywhere. I can’t stop looking at the reaction video.

  3. Candice Straughter

    Ugh! That was so sweet. I’m am so happy for you guys. To see all of your friends and family’s reactions was beautiful.

  4. Kim

    I really love how you pulled this off. Low-key, yet inclusive and thoughtful of everyone “important”. We just went to JP and that was it lol. We have thought about doing something when we hit the 10-year mark.

    • MimiCuteLips

      Thanks, I wanted those close to us to be included. If they could make it great, if not the show would go on. An Anniversary celebration is nice.

  5. Yvette

    How beautiful! Congratulations again Little Sis!

  6. Eva

    How on earth did I end up choked up after already seeing the pics on social media? The video got me. Wow. I really love how you made it for you and your immediate family. Hurt feelings can become joy when they really love you. This was wonderful. Congratulations again.

    • MimiCuteLips

      Girl, the video gets everybody. Even the people who were in the room looked at the video and send me text tears. You can feel the energy and that is what gets us. Yes, they didn’t hurt long that is for sure.

  7. Kisha

    Yassss!!! I got all kinds of good feels on this hump day! I L.O.V.E it! By your own rules but yet with so much love and support from the village.
    BTW… you planned the heck out of it all so meticulously!

  8. Kiwi

    And you had a surprise wedding annoucement and turned it into a housewarming reception party! I love it creative but full of love congrats again!

  9. Kendra

    This is so beautiful! Congrats! Your dress is lovely! Love how y’all did y’all own thing!

  10. Christiana

    First of congratulations!! Thanks is such a great and beautiful news, I can feel the emotion all the way down here! I love the way you handled the suprise wedding announcement, is awesome! Cheers to New beginnings!

  11. Carissa

    I went through all the emotions as if I was there during this process. I am so happy for you, and happy that you all had a chance to do this your way!

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