Hey Cuties,

Last week I had the honor of attending the screening of The Green Book Guide to Freedom at the Blacksonian [National Museum of African American History & Culture]. I legit thought this was a screening for the movie Green Book. I clearly failed to read the invite for understanding, but what I got was even better. However now having the history and back story of The Green Book Guide to Freedom I really want to see the movie Green Book. Let me start by saying YOU CAN see this one too. The Green Book Guide to Freedom documentary premieres on Monday, February 25th on Comcast’s Smithsonian channel. You can also watch it online NOW www.bit.ly/GreenBook2019  Now let me tell you about the event and documentary without spoilers. This is an excellent Black History documentary to watch for yourself and with kids. It is very educational, it is honest, it is real life stories, but not brutal or violent in any way.

The Green Book: Guide to Freedom


Prior to the screening, we had remarks from the following:

Representative: National Museum of African American History and Culture

Donna Rattley Washington: Regional VP, Government & Community Impact Comcast Beltway Region

David Royle: EVP, Programming & Production Smithsonian Channel