Year: 2017

MimiCuteLips Top 10 Moments of 2017

Hey Cuties, This has been another epic year for MimiCuteLips.  My proudest MimiCuteLips moment for 2017 was the clarity; after years of struggling to figure out what I wanted to do, it found me.  My love and joy is being a Lifestyle Media Correspondent; providing media coverage in a variety of forms. Some of those forms are included in my Top 10 Moments for 2017.

ICE! Is The Most Thrilling Experience Ever

Hey Cuties, A few days before Christmas we went to visit ICE at the Gaylord in the National Harbor. We went the very first time they came to town. The Manchild was little and LittleCuteLips wasn't even thought of. It is a very pricey experience which is part of the reason we hadn't gone back.  LittleCuteLips came home with a free ticket from school and so I decided we would all go. We invited her Harmony and her Mom to join us.

It Is Important To Find Joy This Holiday Season

Hey Cuties, We are five days out from Christmas. I've finished all of my shopping for the children. I need to get Babe two more things and I need to shop for my Mom. I feel like I'm in a pretty good place in terms of preparation and such.  We don't put any gifts under our tree until after the kids go to bed Christmas Eve night. Oh, they get all of this magic.

Easily The Most Creative Ugly Christmas Sweater Ever!

Hey Cuties, Happy National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. I hope you are wearing your ugliest of sweaters while you read this post. If not I hope you stopped by so I can help you make one. I featured this on my Good Morning Washington segment this morning and it was a hit. Ha! Out of all the Ugly Sweaters I've made, this one is my absolute favorite. It is the most absurdly creative and funny. This is guaranteed to win the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, you know if you go to one and they have a contest.  Should you do that make sure you tell them MimiCuteLips taught you.

Jenifer Lewis Is The Black Mother of Hollywood

Hey Cuties, I had the most epic Friday night of 2017. Listen Linda sometimes you experience bucket list worthy things in life. This was not on my bucket list but it should have been. Matter of fact I've added it to my list and checked it off. I shared the same space as The Black Mother of Hollywood, Jenifer Lewis. Dare I say an icon in Hollywood, especially black Hollywood. She is also a viral video sensation. #InTheseStreets

Pancreatic Cancer Changed My Life, This Is My Story

Hey Cuties, I'm sharing a story that is very near and dear to my heart. It is a personal story about my cousin Thais. My first cousins and I grew up like sisters because we are all girls and close in age. At some point in my childhood, we've all lived together. I also want to educate you on Pancreatic Cancer since November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month and Stevens-Johnson Syndrome because knowledge is power.