Essence My City 4 Ways in DC Was A Creative Experience

Hey Cuties,

Essence came to hang out with us at the Longview Gallery in Washington, DC for their My City 4 Ways Tour.  They brought a few special guest along with them and invited some local talent to join in on the fun.  They also partnered with Ford who brought along a small fleet of rides for us to check out.

Essence My City 4 Ways

I love a good event, I’ve been to a few Essence events and they are always a good time. When you mix food, music, art and style you can’t go wrong.

Essence My City 4 Ways

Ford provided a nice ride & drive experience. All you had to do was sign up, enjoy your ride and they gifted you with a really nice gift bag.  The Mustang was the most popular to test drive.

Essence My City 4 Ways

Chef Daniel Thomas provided these mocktails for the guest.

Essence My City 4 Ways

I went for a very comfy and cute look.  I was in heels for six hours at the St. Jude event the day prior. There was no way I could put on heels.  I will rock this look again with a heel, it would totally change the look.

Essence My City 4 Ways

Comedian Loni Love and Co-Host of The Real was the MC for the evening.  Radio Host of the Joe Clair Morning Show on WPGC Joe Clair came out to show love.

Essence My City 4 Ways

Loni moderated a discussion with the McBride Sisters, Robin & Andréa. They own the McBride Sisters Wines. They have a dope back story, they didn’t find out about one another until 1999. One grew up in Monterey, California and the other in Marlborough, New Zealand.  Oddly enough they both grew up around vineyards. Not only did they have a lot of catching up to do they went into business with each other.

Chef Tobias Dorzon owner of Victory Private Chef Co. was also on hand talking food and business.  Chef Tobias spent three years in the NFL & CFL.  He studied at the Art Institute of Washington and abroad in Brazil.

Essence My City 4 Ways

Selfie love with Mi & Loni Love

Essence My City 4 Ways

Selfie love with Mi & Ty Hunter

Calling all Beyonce fans, this man Mr. Ty Hunter is responsible for all the looks she wears. Ty has been styling up Queen B for over two decades.  {He did not style the Formation Tour} He is a stylist and a fashion designer to the stars.

Essence My City 4 Ways

Soul & Ink was on site making free t-shirts. It was a rather dope process to watch. They had tank tops and tees, you just had to tell them the size you needed.

Essence My City 4 Ways

Art in motion by Aniekan Udofia

Essence My City 4 Ways

Artist and Illustrator, Aniekan Udofia was at the event sharing his dope talent. The picture above was the beginning of his work. Aniekan’s murals can be seen all around the DC area.

Essence My City 4 Ways

These two little boys were so fascinated by Aniekan. I loved that he took the moment to talk with them and show them the image he was using as a reference.

Essence My City 4 Ways

He had these small samples of his work that we could color.

Essence My City 4 Ways

I had to capture this image of Paul Wharton & Ty Hunter. Because style and fabulosity recognize style and fabulosity.  Paul has been in the fashion game for a minute, he was a Wilhelmina model and he used to do the makeovers on the Ricki Lake Show, from there he has done a million things in the fashion, style, lifestyle and TV arena.

Essence My City 4 Ways

This event was a good time, I saw a lot of familiar faces and it is always nice to catch up. Right before I left I took this selfie with Joe Clair, he is so ridiculous. He told me this foolish story right before I snapped our picture. We were both trying to collect ourselves from laughter.

Essence My City 4 Ways

Essence and Ford are continuing this tour, check them out if they are in a city near you.  Chat with me in the comment below or FBIG or Twitter.


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Mimi Robinson is the Lifestyle Media Correspondent and editor behind MimiCuteLips®. She is a wife and mother of two. You can find Mimi working media at your favorite events, traveling and trying out new adventures, or working on a dope DIY project.

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  1. robin rue

    That sounds like a fun tour. I am hoping to get back down to DC this summer, so if we get back, I will take this tour when we are there 🙂

  2. Jeanette

    It looks like you had a really good time! I would love to explore an experience with this. There’s so much to learn about the culture in any state and I would need to learn. It looks like there is a lot to do and it was a lot of fun.

    • MimiCuteLips

      Jeanette you can check to see if they are coming to a city near you. I like the creativity they put into the event.

  3. Jennifer

    The Essence and Ford My City Tour looks like a great experience! I would love it if the Essence tour came to Detroit. I think it’s cool that artist Aniekan featured prints of his art for guests. I think that’s a great way to promote his work. His art is beautiful!

    • MimiCuteLips

      Detroit would be a great city for Essence to add on the tour. Yes, mini prints were an awesome idea. I’ve not seen that before at an event.

  4. Alli Smith

    What a great event! You always look so fashionable and now I’m dreaming of Mustangs. My cousin had one when we were in high school and I LOVED that car!

  5. Deborah Cruz

    The Essence event sounds like it was a good time. I love it when so many artistic people come together in one spot. It creates a sort of kinetic energy that makes all involved feel inspired. P.S. Loved your outfit and I can definitely see it going day to night with heels.

  6. Christy Maurer

    You have got such fun events in DC! I am not very close to a major city, so it is a big deal when we have any events! It looks like you had a super experience being around so many fun people.

  7. Angelic Sinova

    What a great event! One of my best friends lives in DC and I always love visiting here there (it’s such a fun place to visit!). I’ve seen a few of Aniekan Udofia’s murals around DC, he’s an amazing artist!

  8. Stacie

    What a fun event! Man, you get to do some of the coolest things. Those cards look pretty fun to color too.

    • MimiCuteLips

      Stacie, the crazy thing is I don’t get to do half of what goes on in the city. There is always something going on here. I love that about the area.

  9. Neha

    The event looks amazing, you look so amazing. I mean the look and style is on the verge to set a trend. All the pictures speak of you vibrant personality.

  10. Katie Kinsley

    I have only been to DC once before, but it was a too short of a time. I would love to go back and explore and attend events that are awesome!

  11. Bella

    Wow there’s so much to do! I absolutely love the colour and style of those canvas paintings!

  12. Maurene Cab

    I love this event. It seems you had a great time. You look gorgeous as well with your outfit.

  13. Dawn McAlexander

    This looks like a fun time for all. I love to attend events like this. It is always great to meet new people and make new friends.

  14. Annemarie LeBlanc

    What an awesome event. Food, Art, Style and Music all together will definitely be an event to attend! Thanks for sharing your experience. That was so cool!

  15. rika

    What a fun event! Looks like you had a wonderful time! The painting looks amazing!

  16. Tomiko

    I love Essence and their collaboration with Ford. I’m going to check and see when they will be in Tennessee..

  17. Jay Colby

    Sounds like an great event. I’ve always want to attend a Essence event.

  18. JenellBStewart

    I love Essence events, we have them here in NYC all the time. That artist was dope! You met some really nice people and those drinks look so good!

  19. Jamila

    Looks like a great event. I would have been talking Ty’s ear off lol and shutout to Loni because she’s from Detroit 🙂

  20. My Teen Guide

    That is one fantastic event you attended! I wish I was in Washington DC during that time. It must be so nice to have all those 4 fun things in one cool event.

  21. Kasi

    Looks like a super dope event! I would have loved to have attended but I was out of town. Thanks for the awesome recap!

  22. Daria

    was there a cover charge for this awesome event?

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