5 Ways To Cut Down On Bullying

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July has arrived and we are seven months into the year. I’m so freaking excited about life right now you have no idea. We have moved to a very relaxed daily schedule. I’m still cooking but not on a consistent basis, although I just shared a bomb recipe. LittleCuteLips participated in her first Martial Arts Tournament and it wrapped up our sports season.

why martial arts for kids

My Green Belt

The Man-child has been out of school since May, but LittleCuteLips has only been out two weeks. This means our summer officially kicked off two weeks ago. We had a full school year of juggling the kid’s sports schedules. Although we managed, it was a lot y’all. Because of that, we put all sports on hold for the summer. We will resume them in September.  LittleCuteLips was excited about her tournament, but I was excited for another reason. This was out LAST sports-related activity for a few months. Aye!

why martial arts for kids

LittleCuteLips & Babe

Back Story: We put the Man-Child in martial arts when he was 5 years old. We started with a 4-week Judo program. He loved it so much he kept asking to do more martial arts. We cooled him off for about a year to make sure he was serious. At age 6 we put him in Hapmudo, and it immediately became his favorite thing to do. He took to it naturally and it was pretty impressive to see him in action. Now fast forward 7 years and LittleCuteLips takes Hapmudo.

Hapmudo is a system of self-defense based on fundamental offensive and defensive techniques. Hapmudo is a complete Martial Art where you receive a full and well-rounded Martial Arts education.

why martial arts for kids

Waiting to spar.

I love to see the kids evolve in their sports. She went from a no belt and worked hard and tested to get her white belt, gold belt, and then her green belt.  I think everyone should put their child in martial arts. It doesn’t have to be a forever thing but what they get out of it in return is so important. I have a ton of reasons why I love it for my kids, but I will share five of them with you guys.

Sparring Round I


#1 Self Defense/Control

I wanted my kids to know self-defense, yes their Dad could teach them how to fight but is that real self-defense? Martial Arts taught them to fight with their hands and their minds. They learned to take someone down (any size) by shaking their hand. Can you do that? They can also take someone down if they come from behind and put them in a bear hug. Our kids are always going to be the “small/skinny” kids in class. At almost 40 Babe and I are still the “skinny kids” so I need them to know self-defense.

With self-defense comes self-control. They are taught to only use martial arts when they need it. Their Master Instructor does not play around with that and the kids know better. As a then busy 6 year old I appreciated the extra lesson in self-control for my son. They are taught to deal with their emotions and conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times.

why martial arts for kids

She kicked butt in Sparring

#2 Overall Fitness

Before every class, they start out with a workout. They stretch, jump, kick, and a few other things.  You need a decent level of stamina to do martial arts. They teach you at the bottom level and you will get better as you go. Don’t worry, you don’t have to start out in shape. Now that the Man-Child is a teenager I have noticed the fundamentals he learned in martial arts makes him more of a well-rounded athlete. He had way more stamina and flexibility than the other kids he played sports with in middle school. He also had an athletic discipline that a lot of the other kids did not have.

why martial arts for kids

Peep that front Leg Kick

#3 Self Confidence/Esteem/Respect

When our kids are young, their self-confidence can always use a boost. LittleCuteLips naturally had more self-confidence than her brother at 6 years old. She came into this world just knowing she was amazing. However being in martial arts they learned confidence on another level. It was a very safe space for them to grow into their own. They began to hear words of encouragement and praise for someone that did not have a hand in bringing them into the world. Their instructors were honest with them and let them know when they were not doing their best, but in a much different way than we do as their parents. At the same time, they let them know when they are doing well. That gave them a special kind of boost in the self-confidence department. They also received praise from their peers. They teach them to be the best kid, student, community member, friend and more. That helps in the self-respect area, they are taught to protect their bodies and demand others to respect them as well.

why martial arts for kids

LittleCuteLips Competed & The Man-Child managed the scores in his ring

#4 Good Sportsmanship

I don’t believe in the “everybody gets a trophy” mentality and Hapmudo does not foster that notion either. They teach the kids to do their absolute best. As long as you do your best you should be proud, but you should strive to be better. They teach them to celebrate their classmates wins even when they themselves did not win.

At this tournament, they give out trophies and medals to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. So they teach the kids to not whine and cry but to work harder and to congratulate their friends that did win. Note: LittleCuteLips placed 3rd in sparring. She did not place in forms but she was still very proud of herself and so were we.

why martial arts for kids Mitsubishi Outlander

My Black Shirt [Jr. Camp Counselor] & My Camper – 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander

#5 Leadership Skills

Martial Arts has taught the kids how to be a great follower, they have to listen, and take in the skills being taught to them.  However, they are big on leadership skills. They have been grooming the Man-Child from day one. Now eight years later he is a Jr. Camp Counselor during their Martial Arts Summer Camp and has been for a few years. Each year he is in charge of a few younger campers and is a solid part of the leadership team. By next year he will be old enough to do paid work. This grooming also helps him be a dope big brother. Oddly enough little kids have always taken a liking to him, he is a natural with them.

why martial arts for kids Mitsubishi Outlander

2018 Mitsubishi Outlander

Nothing can prevent bullying 100% but building self-confidence really helps. Teaching them self-defense is a huge help. Keeping them active and engaged in a sport can help as well. Again nothing is foolproof, but I’ve given my children the best that I can give them. Nothing trumps building them up from the inside out.  Although this was about kids they have martial arts classes for adults.

I received this vehicle in exchange for my review.

We cruised around in the 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander, I drove one a couple years back on our Cousin’s Trip but they have made some upgrades to it since then. When you unlock it the side mirrors unfold and that is fancy because my truck does not do that. Also, that keeps folks from banging into your mirrors while you are parked.  The gas is still bomb so that is always a selling point.

why martial arts for kids 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander

This was my favorite feature the camera, we had a lot of fun with this one. Putting the vehicle in reverse activates the camera and gives you a top view. I can park, but for those of you that can’t you need this in your life. See how it shows the parking lines. This is even better for those that can’t parallel park. I took this picture while dropping the kids off to martial arts summer camp.

Lifestyle Media Correspondent MimiCuteLips shares why martial arts for kids. She offers 5 tips that will help cut down on bullying.

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  1. Lia World Traveler

    This is a great post and such an important topic. Our kids are in martial arts too and the benefits are many including prep against bullying.

  2. Nkem

    Your children are adorable! And I think it’s great they’re part of a martial arts community. I live in South Korea and many of the students I teach do Taekwondo… I see some of the same attributes in them as you describe your kids to have. Good on you!

  3. Stacie

    I knew that Martial Arts could help with self control, but there are so many more uses for knowing it. I can see how a person would be bullied much is they can put a whoopin’ on someone lol.

  4. Tomiko

    My daughter has been asking to take a self defense class but cheer has my pockets dried up. They take bullying really serious at her school.. I don’t remember bullying being an issue when I was in school. We just joked backed and got folk off of us

    • MimiCuteLips

      I totally understand the cost of multiple sports.
      Bullying has gone next level with this generation. Nothing like what I experienced growing up. So far my children have been fortunate, but my son is headed to High School now.

  5. Elle (CleverlyChanging)

    I put my girls in Judo last year and they’ve been enjoying it ever since. I’ve never heard of Hapmudo. How are the two different? BTW the SAU is the perfect vehicle for parents, so roomy and sleek.

  6. Kita

    I am signing my son up for martial arts. Mainly for the discipline and exercise but the self defense aspect is a great bonus.

  7. Joyce Brewer

    Our son took karate for a year. It kept him active and focused!

  8. Stephanie Hicks

    Thanks so much for this post! My husband has been talking about putting the kids in martial arts. We homeschool and this would be great not only for discipline but for social skills that they don’t get at home during the school year. My son will be 13 in a few weeks and he has some confidence issues. I’m glad to see that this has helped your children. I’m going to see if it will help with my son the same way.

  9. Malika Daniels

    This is great info! I took karate as a kid and I think I will put my kids in some type of martial arts as well. Thanks for the great info!

  10. Kiwi

    Look i am all for self defense especially for this new generation of kids. These kids arent crying anymore they are getting severely depressed but if they can defend themselves it will be better for kids.

  11. Christiana Acha

    I have always loved martial arts , I Dont have kids yet but when I do, I would love for them to learn martial arts. It’s a great for self defence. Your kids are so adorable, well done.

  12. Kim

    Love this post. We know how big bullying is these days, so we were trying to get our daughter to do some form of martial arts but she’s just not into it.

  13. Moriah

    I absolutely adore your parenting skills! My mom put me in martial arts as a child for the exact same reasons.

  14. Jonna

    Such a great post. These are amazing tips – it’s unfortunate that our kids need these tips on bullying but hopefully the more it is combated the less there will be.

  15. Crystal

    We had two of the girls take Tae Kwan Do. They loved it. It was neat to see how disciplined they were and the fact that the instructors taught them how to diffuse a situation before it turned physical. A lot of times bullies don’t know how to react when you approach them rationally. They tend to find someone easier to pick on.

  16. Tione

    Martial arts is cool and that vehicle is nice. I like the navigation feature and the sky roof. It must be a comfortable ride.

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