Kids Natural Hair Care: Washing Regimen

Hey Cuties,

My daughter was born with a head full of hair and then cradle cap took it all out. After some good nurturing her hair has grown and now our challenges are much different. Natural hair care shouldn’t be hard or painful.

LittleCuteLips @ 2 months pre-cradle cap. No baby was harmed in the taking of this picture.
Kids Natural Hair Care
At 1 years old LittleCuteLips only had length in the top of her head. I would give her two braids or two little ponytails. This is what cradle cap left us with.

At age 2.5 LittleCuteLips has grown all of her hair back and more but now has a few different textures going on. The top is very thick, soft and curly, the back is kinkier and less soft and the sides are very fine. She can thank her Dad for the top texture and Mi for the back. Teamwork right. lol

Kids Natural Hair Care
This is LittleCuteLips hair before her wash. I took her braids out a few days ago when she wore puffs for a few days. I wash hair once a week, usually on Sunday.

I’ve been mostly natural for 10+ years and I know what works for me. My hair is thick and kinky, very 4b/c type of hair so our hair needs are different.

I’m not the product junky type and I’m not reading book after book after book only to feel as overwhelmed and confused as I was when I started my journey in 2005.

LittleCuteLips has eczema so I know that is a factor I must consider. Here is what I’ve settled out on.

Kids Natural Hair Care

I use Shea Moisture products on my hair so I decided to give them a try on her hair. My formula thus far is Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo and ORS Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner.

Kids Natural Hair Care
Post wash I comb her hair out again, let it air dry then rub Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style milk to moisturize/detangle her hair and B&B hair grease for her scalp, I was using Coconut oil but it wasn’t doing the trick. The Curl & Style milk makes it so soft and easy to comb and did I mention how amazing all of these products smell. LittleCuteLips says they smell like fruit.
Kids Natural Hair Care
To make it easy on the both of us I put LittleCuteLips on the counter to wash her hair. I put a towel down so it’s comfy and her head is in the sink.
Kids Natural Hair Care
We chit chat during her hair wash and she plays with the comb every chance she gets.
Kids Natural Hair Care
With conditioner still in her hair I comb it out again, it’s nice and soft at this stage. Her shrinkage is serious which is why I let it air dry before styling. It also gives her a chance to run around and fight with her brother. She is 2 and doesn’t like to just sit so it is helpful to give her a break between our regimen.

Kids Natural Hair Care
I braid her up, I try to go for styles that will last 4 days. Her hair is fine around the edges and they frizz up quickly. Individual box braids last longer than her cornrow styles. She sleeps in a wig cap at night to help preserve her styles. {This was a trial and error process} This picture is the next morning after she took off her cap.

Navigating our natural hair takes trial, error and time. I

I would love to hear your natural hair care experience. Share it here in the comments below or on FB.


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Mimi Robinson is the Lifestyle Media Correspondent and editor behind MimiCuteLips®. She is a wife and mother of two. You can find Mimi working media at your favorite events, traveling and trying out new adventures, or working on a dope DIY project.

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  1. Mom of Two

    I used olive oil on my son’s head when he was a baby for cradle cap too. Works well.

  2. Brandy Toenges

    I LOVE SHEA MOISTURE products! I have blonde hair and let me tell you, its some amazing stuff!! You kids are precious. I love the caption -No baby was harmed taking this photo…that was cute!!

    • Mimicutelips

      Thanks Brandy, I love a product that is good on a variety of hair types and textures. That means its really good. lol


    Shea Moisture is the best. (Their baby line smells amazing!)

  4. Rattles Heels

    Awww Nori is too adorable! I use SheaMoisture in my daughter’s hair as well. I love their products and how well they’re priced.

  5. tabiatha

    thank you so much for this information I have relaxed hair and my hair has been trained so well I dont do much but wrap and go. My daughter’s story is just like your daughter and her hair is super thick and with three textures. Thank you for the information on washing and care.

  6. Rauney

    Yes ma’am! I have my 3 year old on that counter on a towel for the process as well. She likes it that way and looks forward to wash days. I let her play with the iPad while I wash and get no arguments!

    • MimiCuteLips

      Rauney that is a good idea, I should let my daughter play with her tablet. She would enjoy that. I might pull that out once she starts to get restless.

  7. Mionna

    Oh Wow!! Look at that cute little baby in those pictures. She is adorable…and looks a lot like you!

    My sister always has so many questions about what products to use for my 5 m.o. niece (who also had a touch of cradle cap) so I’m definitely going to share this post with her. I remember the lay-on-the-counter wash days…and kinda miss them! Lol. It sounds like I share a similar hair type with your daughter and it’s so difficult to find products that really work for my hair. I’ve tried the Shea Moisture products and they dry my hair out so much!! Unlike you, I am a product junkie! I’m sure I’m bound to find something that works sooner or later!!

    Oh and Mi’s are definitely the best!! I need to check out this hair show you’ve shared!! I’ve never been to one but I should change that this year! #TendrilTuesday

    • MimiCuteLips

      The days of laying on the counter were some of the best. I felt like I was getting good royal treatment. lol That means you have a little store in your bathroom. They have events where you can swap out your products with other naturals that a looking to unload what they have with the hopes of trying something else.

      INHMD is coming up in May I think it is. That is a good time. They have vendors and speakers and everything.

  8. Jolyn

    Omgawww, your daughter is gorgeous! I remember those long Saturday nights before Sunday service when my mama would do my hair. They are some of my fondest memories. I plan to create special hair memories with Jolyn Jr. when she arrives. Thanks for sharing!

    • MimiCuteLips

      Thanks Jolyn. Girl getting that Sunday hair ready on Saturday night was a chore. That sponge roller bang was even worse. lol Like you said they are some on my fondest memories and I totally feel like my Mom as I create these memories with my daughter.

  9. Brooke

    I’m super glad I stumbled across this. My daughter, Jannah, had her hair taken out by cradle cap as well. She got tons of hair on the top and sides but the back…not so much. She’s 8 months old now. Will castor oil assist with growth?

    • MimiCuteLips

      Hi Brooke I’m glad you found us too. I’ve not tried Castor oil on our hair so I can’t speak from experience. However I know folks that use it and they’ve had growth. I say give it a try if you want and see how it goes after a month or two. Good luck!

  10. Janis

    I have a 19month old with thick African hair and lots of it. It is soooo beautiful but dries so quickly and looks dull just a few days after our “hair day.” Can you suggest a night cap, scarf or night routine for a toddler who sleeps as rough as they get lol. Thanks.

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