#Fatsnacks Friday: Best Places to eat in NYC

Happy #FatSnacks Friday Cuties!

I’m sure some of you are taking advantage of the long holiday weekend. If you’re a biker and plan to be out and about, please be safe. If you’re mourning the loss of a loved one that was in the military, then my heart goes out to you. I use the time to bond with the family a bit more; we don’t have any major plans but will get out and enjoy the weather. Last weekend I spent the weekend in New York City; I’ve told you it is one of my most favorite cities. Like all vacations I eat my way around town and yeah well you know how I roll.

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This is your guide on Where to Eat in New York City Part III. See Part I and Part II


The first stop on the list was Black Tap Craft Burger & Beer. I saw an incredible picture of a huge milkshake that looked incredibly delicious on Instagram. I absolutely had to have it so that was our first order of business. After a little Yelp research, I found out that people line up for HOURS just to have a taste of said milkshakes. All of that is totally worth it. I am here to tell you IT IS WORTH IT Y’ALL.

Where to eat in New York 1

The Cookie Shake: A moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips.

We arrived at the location in the Meat Packing District about 15 minutes before they opened. There was a short line ahead of us but within 15 minutes of waiting we were in. People would walk past the line and heckle us, they obviously hadn’t heard about the magic that was taking place on the inside of this establishment. Otherwise they would just get in formation. Shake Details: Vanilla cookie shake, vanilla frosted rim with cookie crumbles topped with a ‘cookiewich’, crumbled cookies, chocolate chips, whipped cream & chocolate drizzle.

Where to eat in New York 2

The Texan Burger

Now only did your Royal Fatness {That is me.} enjoy the colossal size dessert I followed it up with an old nasty burger and fries. This burger was amazing, aged cheddar, crispy onions, bacon, sweet baby ray’s BBQ & mayo.

Where to eat in New York 3

My plan of attack


I found a spot near our hotel, the Yelp reviews were pretty good, it didn’t have a long wait and it served cocktails. I hadn’t heard of it but we were all down so we checked it out. The Catalina, it is a quaint little spot in the midst of the hustle and bustle that is Manhattan.

Where to eat in New York 4

I went for the white Sangria and it did not disappoint. I’m a light weight in the drinking department so I typically play to my strengths. Wine.

Where to eat in New York 5

Chicken & Bacon Pizza

I got a chicken and bacon pizza. YES, GAWD!!! It was everything I dreamed off and more. It was #NationalPizzaDay so it was only right. I pre-gamed this pizza with a Cesar salad.

Where to eat in New York 6

My cousin’s food was yummy too.

We will put The Catalina in our New York rotation going forward.


I found this hole in a wall a couple years ago; it was several doors down from the hotel I was staying at. This is a nice ten block walk from Time Square. The price point is AMAZING! The service is top notch and the food will change your life. I promise. Meet Johnny’s Luncheonette located in Chelsea.

Where to eat in New York 7

Johnny’s Luncheonette

You can sit at the corner or at one of the two tables they have. Our table sat four and the other table only sat two. If they are full wait it out.

Where to eat in New York City 8

French Toast, Eggs, Bacon & Home Fries

This is what I had, plus a hot tea and then a soda. Don’t judge me. My food came to like $13 bucks. They don’t have a fancy food presentation but when your food tastes this good you don’t care. This spot is tiny but always packed. They get you in and get you out, they cook your food right at the counter and you can watch it all go down. This is a real old school diner feel and I love it.


I went back to Cafeteria because I can’t help myself, plus it is open 24/7. We had dinner at like midnight so this was an obvious choice. Every time I come here I get something different. I’ve had the regular amazing mac & cheese and the chicken and waffles and the pancakes. Can you see me drooling? So this time I went for something different.

Where to eat in New York City 9

Mac & Cheese Spring Rolls

I’ve never had mac & cheese spring rolls and prior to ordering them I didn’t even know they were a thing. They are made to perfecting, the combination of crispy and cheese goodness will have you dancing in your seat. I will get these again for sure.

Where to eat in New York City 10

Steak Tacos

In the name of trying something new I went for these steak tacos. They weren’t the best I’ve ever had but they were yummy. You get a burst of several different flavors when you bite into them. The green sauce complimented them very well.

Where to eat in New York City 11

Lobster Mac & Cheese

My cousin had the lobster mac & cheese and it was so freaking good. She put a serious hurting on it. You pretty much can’t go wrong with any of the mac & cheese selections.


I returned to Yelp to find us a breakfast spot. There is a spot I really wanted to try but we were a bit pressed for time. I stumbled across Wafels & Dinges and immediately got excited about the pictures I’d seen. With a solid group confirmation off we went to locate said goodness. Off we go and the GPS said we were there but I saw nothing. After a few minutes I realized this was a food cart. BIG FAT FAIL!

Where to eat in New York City 12

Wafles & Dinges Cart : Central Park

I had my mind set on something and this food cart didn’t have it. Why you ask, because they have a food cart and an actual location. SO DISRESPECTFUL! I’ve now added the actual location to my places to go when I come back to NYC.

Where to eat in New York City 13

Waffle & Bacon

Even though I was totally blown I still got something. I went for the waffle and bacon; the waffle was really good; I was really annoyed that I didn’t get the full experience. I’m a bacon connoisseur and yeah well they needed to cook it a bit more for my taste.


My sister and I brought our Mom to New York for her 60th birthday. While here we visited Havana Central, located right in Time Square.  They have the best Sangria ever and I wanted more. We needed lunch before heading to the train station and wanted something close.

Where to eat in New York City 14

Sangria and a fancy lady.

I told you I love the Sangria.

Where to eat in New York City 15


I’ve become addicted to rice and beans. Like seriously addicted, this is cilantro rice and it was sinful. This is the Vaca Frita which is a Crispy Shredded Beef that is simmered pulled beef marinated overnight in lime, ajicito peppers, garlic and onions sautéed until crispy. It comes with cilantro-flavored rice with a fried egg and black beans. There is something about this combination that just works. This was a great sendoff back home.

#FatSnacks Friday Best Places to eat in NYC - where to eat in new york city

What are some of your favorite spots to eat in New York? Chat with me in the comment below or FB, IG or Twitter.


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  1. Tomiko

    Omg!! Girl, Girl, Girl!! I don’t know where to start.. Everything looks so good.. I need to come spend the weekend with you

  2. Tanay

    I love wafels and dinges but I’ve only been to the food trucks not the actual location! And Havana central is yummy too! I have yet to try black tap because the line idea stresses me out LOL. But now that it’s warmer I think I’m gonna drag bae there.

  3. Donna Shana

    You know Mimi, I just can’t with you! That oreo shake is going to have me on yelp trying to find a duplicate here in Atl. And that lobster mac and cheese- one of my favorites!!!

  4. Kim

    I’d try out catalina. The food looked good. As a New Yorker, I still don’t understand why people love Cafeteria. I think their food is just okay. Sarabeth’s is good. Next time you’re in NY try them out.

  5. Stacie

    These fatsnacks are calling my name! Every last one of them. I need to travel to NYC asap!

  6. Keisha

    Mac n cheese spring rolls?? Stop the madness! And that Oreo cookie shake is unlike any other Oreo shake I’ve ever seen! Thank you for contributing to all the weight I plan to gain when I visit the states this summer!!

  7. LaSHawn

    OMG that lobster mac and cheese looks SO good! But EVERYTHANG looks so good!!! I’m drooling!

  8. Tia @ financiallyfitandfab

    Oh Wow! You all have been eating good lately. That cookie shake looks delicious!

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  10. Robin Masshole Mommy

    We are in NYC quite a bit and have our favorite spots, but I would love to branch out when we are there again in July and try a few of these places.

  11. Kelli

    I am a sucker for pizza – will def add this one to my must-visit list!

  12. Angelic Sinova

    So much yumminess! Since one of my best friends lives in NYC, I’m there all the time and there’s always so many fun new restaurants to discover. I’ve eaten from the Wafles & Dinges cart before and it was so delicious.

  13. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    I miss all the food options in Manhattan! That chicken & bacon pizza looks so delicious. It’s making me hungry right now. I may have to make a pizza for dinner now!

  14. Bijee

    Girl I gain five lbs every time i read your fat snacks posts… This stuff looks so good! I couldn’t hang with you the way my metabolism is set up, you’d have me messed up out here.

  15. Kirstin N. Fuller (@thetravelindiva)

    I swear you need your own food tasting show. lol You had me at home fries and bacon lo. That ice cream treat is leaving me speechless.

  16. Liz Mays

    Ahh, I wish we had cool places like those near us. I’d be at Black Tap Craft Burger & Beer so often!

  17. Sarah

    My belly is growling just looking at these places to eat and all of that food! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Noel Barnwell

    Ahhh! I don’t know if my tastebuds…or body for that matter, could handle all of this! I would be SO full. Looks great though. As an RD in training…this is definitely acceptable in moderation!

  19. Holly

    You went to some good spots while in NY. I like Cafeteria..they have some really good fried Oreos too. Waffles and Dinges are great too. I had Da Bom. Black Tap I keep meaning to go to, but haven’t bothered yet, but you gave me a push lol.

  20. Dawn McAlexander

    That cookie shake is calling my name! Although I am going into a diabetic coma just looking at it, lol.

  21. Eva

    Everything looks amazing! Where do I even begin? Probably at the mac and cheese spring rolls… Yum.

  22. Bri

    I need to take a trip to NYC just for the food. That cookie shake looks so sweet and satisfying and I could eat two all by myself.

  23. CourtneyLynne

    Omg way to make a girl hungry lol…. Every single thing you post… Ahhhh I wish I had to snack on right now 😉

  24. Franc Ramon

    The texan burger is loaded and would really make a great meal. I would also love to try the chicken and bacon pizza since it looks like a good mix.

  25. Mommy Pehpot

    It’s not a good reading this on an empty stomach! Now I am hungrier than ever! I want those pizzas!

  26. Jeanine

    Never been to NYC before, but all of this looks just delicious. If I ever make it there, which I hope I do this list will come in very handy!

  27. Bites for Foodies

    I’m not a meat eater but I have to say that that burger looks delicious!! I could go for one of those pizzas right now 😉

  28. Nikka Shae

    Oh my goodness!! When I go back to NYC I’m going to check out this great place!!

  29. Marielle Altenor

    That’s quite a list! It’s been years since I’ve been to NYC. One of the thing I’d want to try first would be the food truck!

  30. Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen

    Oh That MILKSHAKE!!!!! That would be a already a meal! It looks so huge! You got my mouth watering on that burger too!

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